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    The Canvas Tote Bag Gets Funky

    There was a time when the only person who carried a canvas tote bag was that kind of woman who looked as if she was an outcast from the set of Seinfeld. Her style was schlumpy, yet self-important. Her tote bag was Channel 13.

    Sweetcakes, those days are over.

    Well, the annoying woman may still be lurking. But, totebags have taken on a new life. During Fashion Week, one of the most ubiquitous goody bags actually used after an event was the Alice Roi natural canvas tote.

    Perhaps, since about the time when Gwyneth and other style setters were seen sporting a Strand Bookstore bag, the once bedraggled fashion afterthought, shifted gears to be the too cool to care way to flaunt your message.

    Starved for style? Happy Lucky Me makes some of the most delicious canvas totes around with food for thought messages, like, “I love edamame,” “I love Korean barbeque,” or “I love steamy udon”— they’re sooo yummy that you may be hungry for more!

    Of course, we cannot resist a shameless plug, for the “I’d rather be nakee than miss” natural canvas bag from our Company Store. Carry on…

    –February 28, 2003