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  • Gotta Have It… The 80’s Cotton Candy Pink Petticoat Skirt

    pink puffy skirt

    Q:Gotta Have It… The 80’s Cotton Candy Pink Petticoat Skirt

    I signed onto your lovely site, and saw “Bag It Off the Runway” which caught my eye. Next to the headline on that page, there is a picture of a lady wearing a pink puffy skirt. I am 100% interested in buying it.

    Can I purchase it or is it just for show? If it is for show, do you know any other websites that would have skirts like this and would you happen to know the name of the designer? Also, do you have a place on the website where you can see everything available for purchase? Thank you so much. (Plainview , NY)


    Sweetcakes, you can take the girl out of the club, but you can’t take the club out of the girl! The column that you are referring to is a few seasons old- publication dates can be found at the bottom of each page or by their copyright. However, that style prediction of a cotton candy petticoat as pictured from a Girls Rule fashion show can hold up to the hands of time.

    The trend of a big fluffy, neon punk petticoat worn with a boyfriend jacket is a hallmark of early eighties club style– and, that look is definitely making a fashion resurgence for both this spring 2002 and next fall 2003.

    Back then, if you weren’t already a celebutant wearing an oversized punky poof with your sunglasses in downtown NYC nightclubs, you certainly were wearing one once the tulle, chiffon, organdy, or nylon crinoline went from square dance to a mainstream new wave pop style of dress. In 1984, the big petticoat took up plenty of Madonna‘s fashion real estate on the Like A Virgin album cover and Cyndi Lauper twirled her red crinoline on the cover of She’s So Unusual.

    If you want to nab that look now, it’s not sooo hard. Vintage stores are a great source for finding fluffy slips from the 50’s and 80’s, as well as punk and goth clothing shops. At this writing, an eBay! search for “pink petticoat” brought in over 20 ways to replicate that look.

    Here’s some styling secrets from the old club days when designer clothes weren’t the thing, but personal style ruled: if you can’t find the right color slip, some neon fabric dye goes a long way. If you want a more deconstructed look rather than girly, trim off the ruffle hem binding of a tulle slip and the result will be more edgy than prom queen.

    Our StyleMaze shopping mall is where you can see everything available for purchase via this site. Fashion Disclaimer: If once wore a funked up tutu, you most likely are too too “mature” to try it again. Go for the nuance!

    –March 2, 2003

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