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  • Carrie Carre: Ditch the Big Silk Flower, This Season’s Sex and the City Trend is the Hermés Head Scarf Bandana


    Get a heads up as to what trends are to be seen on television’s most fashionable show, HBO Sex and the City on Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Gosh, I love NYC buses… if only I had more time to spend on them.

    Imagine a cross section of a roaming window on what’s happening combined with the most expressive peanut gallery and you’ve got NYC Transit in a quasi-cracked nutshell.

    While trudging up Madison Avenue yesterday, there was a certain loquacious skirmish going on as everyone scampered to the rear right bus windows.


    Oooh, the thrill of seeing HBO Sex and the City filmed right before our traffic jam glazed eyes.

    While the not so celeb siting jaded were ogling Sarah Jessica Parker, as her character Carrie Bradshaw, peeping into the Hermés store window, I was enchanted by her accessories.

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    Heads up girls, ditch that so last season big flower brooch and wrap up in a silk square scarftied apache style over your forehead.

    Aw, I know it looks a little pretentious and trying hard to look cool, but it is a cute style twist for summer… if you wear it with a sense a whimsy, like with the froufrou dress she had on[/link].

    And, phooey to the woman on the bus who quipped, I had a dress just like that in tenth grade!” What’s comes around, goes around in fashion. Carrie on.

    Published: 2001

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