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    Thong To The Rescue

    Thong to the Rescue.. The underwear to wear under the lightest looks.

    Those summer white jeans sure do look fresh, but what about the backend?

    Forget about the Bosanova.

    Blame this on the hip-swaying mama ahead of me in SoHo the other day.

    Why waste a good look with undies that want to take you for a ride?

    It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a hair out of place, you’ve got the latest look, or toned yourself silly into swimsuit shape, if your panties rear their ugly outline.

    We are talking about the definitive demise of VPl (that’s Visible Panty Line).

    Here’s some fashion advice– take a clue from models who must be prepared for any outfit change and go nude, colored that is!

    When clothes are tight, white, or knit, choose a flesh-colored thong–or-g-string– without any bulky elastic to squish your silhouette. From The Gap Body to Cosabella, there are enough choices to keep your skivvies publicly under wraps.

    Count on us to never give you a bum steer!

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