Try This Casual Chic Tip: An Updated Sweatshirt as you transition your wardrobe

I’ll Have What She’s Having: An updated sweatshirt in super chic fabrications but just as comfy as the real thing

Don’t you want some Casual Chic with a touch of glam? Get the look by way of the updated sweatshirt…

With erratic seasonal temperatures across the country getting dressed for the weather outside can be a challenge. Opting to stay casual and polished is a fashion point that many would rather simply ignore than strive for simple chic.

Listen up, there’s a style solution to dreary sorta casual days that spans a good chunk of temperature finickiness.

The Updated Sweatshirt as seen on and around the catwalks as one of the top New York Fashion Week trends for fall 2013 goes a step further with this Paris street style look now. It’s the perfect dress-up pairing for jeans, like the lady above, or with pencil skirts and pumps. Are you tall and slender? Then try it with full leg jersey pants.

While updated sweatshirts are usually standard issue gray cotton, it’s the rich embellishment and more luxe fabrications from soft cashmere to featherweight jersey that make them special. Go super high end, grab a cheap chic version or get out your Bedazzler to DIY on a gloomy day. Easy-peasy chic.


How much do you love the russet gloves and matching lace-ups on the street style lady above?  So much inspiration in the details… now get started!

Photo: Frances J Davison