Are you looking for something ageless that never goes out of style? Try classic French Chic black + white

I’ll Have What She’s Having:  Classic French chic by way of can’t go wrong black + white

I love a trend that is age-appropriate for everyone, has endless mix and matching possibilities, is striking and classic, and never goes out of style.

Hard to find?

Not when you consider the endless appeal of classic French Chic black and white, the classic tried & true color combo that never gets dated.

Look at the inspiring Paris street style ladies pictured here to easily tell that the better than basic closet constants, look revived, refreshed & oh so easy to pull off whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 or beyond.

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Take the elegant lady above, who with her pixie cut and tuxedo embodies the epitome of ageless French Chic as inspiration for starters.

A stark white blouse and relaxed fit lend her look an edge that is at once flattering, refined and alluringly masculine yet still very feminine. And though it’s not the easiest of propositions to pull off without looking like a casino attendant, the reality is that it is all in the attitude that ties it together.

French designer Yves Saint Laurent made his version of the tuxedo for women, known as ‘Le Smoking,’ so utterly seductive via a louche sensibility, like the madame above.  Or get inspiration from the new tuxedo suit from Alexander McQueen Resort 2013. Wear your black suiting with confidence, but carry it with ease. Loosen your collar, have just the right amount of fun with it. But not too much…

IMG_5115 copy

The most accessible of looks to take on as inspiration above, this pairing makes for smart style cues thanks to cropped proportions and recognizably good quality separates. It’s also one of our favorites as this look will look right-on, even 15 years from now. Think about a soft cropped pant during this transitional time and keep the pieces as minimal as possible, and as luxe as you can get.

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Sexy, elegant and easily maintained, hits of crisp white shirting adds a strikingly masculine touch and daytime appeal to an otherwise over-the-top look, pictured above.

And minimal choices with no accessories or flash from head-to-toe make this look a winner for all times. But when it comes to proportions, go your own route. The lesson here is that more often than not, well made, subtle yet luxurious pieces are best bought when pure & sophisticated.… That’s a cost saving ideal right there to eschew extra frou-frou.

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IMG_4994 copy

The quirkiest of the lot, this gal’s don’t try this at home outfit happens to be chock full of gorgeous elements. Her hat for starters, while attention grabbing, is a fun yet seriously chic add-on. Other than those pewter accessories and that outre topper, her outfit is classic and ageless.

CLICK through these looks for some classic French chic black + white inspiration stateside:


What are your favorite black + white pieces? Please share in the comments below.

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 Photos: Frances J Davison