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    Q:Dear Sharon: I have undergone weight loss surgery and am about half way to my goal; just over 50 pounds gone so far. I have always been a plus size gal and I find that I have no idea where to start with clothes shopping in smaller sizes. I don’t know what looks good on me or where to begin. I don’t want to spend a lot of money yet, but need a few things to see me through to the next stage. Any ideas or suggestions? (M.W. via Fashion Advice)

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     Can I give a HERE-HERE over here?! Mucho congrats on getting half way to your weight loss goal!

    You must be so proud of yourself for reaching this landmark and worked hard to get here. So start celebrating by subtly amping up your daily wardrobe with extras you might not have opted for in the past. Why not spoil yourself a little bit and show off your new figure?

    Since you aren’t quite there, stick with cheap chic and tried & true retailers such as H & M (pictured here), as they’ll outfit you in on-trend finds to wear in between your weight loss without breaking the bank. Saving money makes the challenge of the in between and what to wear much more liberating, then daunting.

    Relaxed Top from H & M Inclusive

    Relaxed Top from H & M Inclusive

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    Think about roomy pieces that sit away from the body and graze rather than cling. This way you’ll be able to emphasize the way in which something over proportioned hangs on your newly svelte frame while giving room for comfort.

    And lucky for all of us, relaxed, oversized tops, tunics and dresses have been in vogue continuously for several seasons (even skinny girls crave this easy trend).

    The model’s look above says it all, not trying too hard but having fun along the way! Plus, the more weight you lose, you can simply add a belt at the waist to adjust the fit. You’ll be able to hold on to your purchases for the long run. And by the looks of it, they’ll be destined to never go out of style.

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    Forever chic cocoon shapes also camouflage your middle while showing off your legs. Use this silhouette as a layer and try a cocoon shaped overcoat or cardigan. They can work wonders this time of year. Simply find a substantial topper and layer away.

    One of the biggest mistakes those marking weight loss goal victories do is opt for form-fitting. Go the opposite route, you aren’t ready to flaunt it all yet, both mentally and physically.  If you feel a bit unsure about your body tone, Spanx it like a celebrity!  But whatever you do, be SUPER proud of yourself for reaching this life changing goal.— Naveed + Sharon

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    Have you ever been at a between weight? What are your fashion tips on what to wear as you lose weight. Please share with us in the comments below.

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    Images: via H&M

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