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  • It’s Pit Day… have you checked your armpits today?

    A clean armpit, is a happy armpit!

    Clear Deodorant: Not so much to ask…

    I have heard of Skirt Day. That’s what some men call the time of year when women shed their winter layers and flash bare legs to the lovely gaggle of guys lurking outside their office until the clock strikes to go back in from lunch.

    Well, I am now declaring Pit Day. It has nothing to do with Brad Pitt but probably the way you would like to look when (and if) he notices you.

    I’ve had a rather jolting encounter of the too much information kind.

    Attempting to listen to what a woman was telling me, I found myself paralyzed, fixated, and disgusted by her armpits, which were splayed open in full view as she was playing with something atop of her head.

    When you decide to wear a sleeveless top for the first time in a while, please note armpit stubble. Then take note that white deodorant caked up to stubbly hairs and lining the creases in your armpit is simply gross.

    I don’t want see it. Most other people don’t want to see it. You may even be embarrassed if you saw it. It ruins your outfit, looks unkempt, and in the long run will mar your clothing with yellowed armpit stains or chalky white residue.

    Oh, and those T-shirts with the yellowed armpits?

    No, you cannot wear them to the gym. Other people are at the gym. Just because they are working out does not mean that want to be disgusted. Ditch the soiled clothing in public, please.

    Here’s what you do: simple, short, and smells so sweet. Buy clear deodorant. It’s not genius, its common sense. Invisible is the way to go.

    As far as the armpit stubble, we will deal with hair removal soon enough, but take the minute to take care of yourself. No matter how fab you think you look, once the stubble appears, it’s curtains!

    Look for clear deodorants here.


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