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    Q:Souvenir Chic: Tips to replace a favorite sweater bought while on vacation in France

    Tips to replace a favorite sweater
    Help me find this brand!

    I heard you on Martha Stewart and love your advice on handbags. I logged onto your website and thought I would ask you a question.

    I was in Nice, France and purchased a beautiful cotton sweater that I just love. The label on the sweater is called Module Zen Paris. Is it possible to find other sweaters by this manufacturer in the States?

    I loved the fashions in France, because they were so comfortable. Unfortunately, I don’t find any stores in our area that come close to carrying anything like it. Can you help? Thank you. (Cleveland, Ohio)


    First off thanks for writing in and for listening to my handbag spot on Morning Live!

    I have to say that we were batting zero when we tried to hunt down the label on your sweater and want to send a big shout out to our readers to please comment below if anyone has information about Module Zen Paris.

    I know you love your sweater and we sometimes find a real soft spot for an item purchased while we were traveling. There’s the combination of the now or never urgency to buy something when we are away as we know we won’t be able to go back for a second shopping chance and the sentimental value that it will have. Each time we wear that piece of clothing (or shoes, in my case) we think of the fantastic trip and can almost recreate the experience we had with every wear.

    Somehow, the grass is always greener on the side, and our vacation purchases are more special than if we would have bought that very same thing in one of our local shops. I call this Souvenir Chic—buying something fantastic and fashionable rather than, let’s say, a snowglobe. How can you you top that?

    But what to do when you top out trying to find more at home?

    What you can do is rediscover what you love about this sweater and freshen up its style with an updated version. Your sweater is rather feminine with its peplum and ruffles and has an interesting hand knit, almost crafty feel in its chunky knit and oversized buttons.

    While we may not be able to replicate the exact sweater or rediscover the brand, we can pin down what we love about and find something gorgeous and new to wear that we may start to adore just as much!

    I’ve created an Inspiration Board below of several different and modern feeling sweaters– in the same color palette– that all pay homage to the sweater that you bought while traveling. They may not be from the same label, but they are pretty sweet!

    Get inspired with more sweaters in a similar style:


    Donna Karan at ShopStyle

    –May 19, 2009


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