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  • Closet Overhaul 101: What about the clothes you don’t wear

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    1-2-3, PURGE!

    I was talking to some of my mom friends the other day about making the best use of what we already own.  A few of us got together and the conversation about spring cleaning turned towards rethinking ways to coordinate or style up the clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags that sit in our closet and never really get worn, or even lost in the mix.

    So, the big question became a riff about the clothes you don’t wear rather than the ones do wear, and why not.

    The Big Ouch: One of the stacks from my recent purge of shoes that don't feel quite right after wearing them for an hour or so.

    The Big Ouch: One of the stacks from my recent purge of shoes that don’t feel quite right after wearing them for an hour or so.

    Yes, there are absolutely a million and one stylish ways to rethink our wardrobes and not fall prey into wearing the same pieces, the same way day in and day out.

    But, if you’re comfy in your style and it works for you, why not find your classic uniforms?

    The clutter of cutesy and clumsy and clunky and uncomplimentary is what we need to clear out of our closets.

    It goes back to those pieces that you’re tempted to wear, but something holds you back each time.

    Maybe it’s…

    • The shoes become deadly uncomfortable after an hour of wear (see my pile off to the consignment shop in the photo, right).
    • The buttons pop open every time you move your arms.
    • The pants ride up your booty when you walk.
    • That shade of navy is not the same hue as all your other blue pieces.
    • You were in a blingy mood the day you bought that necklace and now it looks tacky to you.
    • Your lifestyle or job changed and you no longer have a need for so much of the same kind of clothes any longer.
    • The print is loud and not only does everyone else remember what you’re wearing (in not a good way) but you feel like it’s wearing you.
    • No matter how you try, that bag reminds you of your ex mother-in-law.
    • The sale lured you in and now that dress seems very over-designed and just not you.
    • You woke up one day and realized that you hit the ceiling on wearing that kind of vintage and not looking antique yourself.
    • You just grew out of it, physically and metaphorically.
    • That stain is never going to come out and you haven’t found the right layer to wear over it to camouflage.
    • No matter how many bras you try, the armhole is just too low.
    • It looked nice in the store but in daylight, it just looks cheap.
    • It’s time to say adieu.
    • It simply doesn’t feel right.

    Really, you don’t have the energy, patience or desire to get that complicated when it comes to getting dressed.  Who does?

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    The best solution, is to bite the bullet and toss all those extraneous pieces hogging up closet space and interfering with your clarity to actively select what is deserving of you to wear it.

    No matter how many ambidextrous stylist attempts to make something right and quirky and cute and different and fun and oh-so-very-complicated, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

    It won’t look right on you and more importantly, you won’t look confident wearing it.

    Now, I have some major heave-hoing to do on my closets… procrastinating is over, it’s time to purge some more! How about you?

    Closet overhaul 101 question, what pieces are you ready to purge and why? Tell me in the comments below.

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    Original Publish Date: May 22, 2014

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