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  • Style Motivation Week! Abundant Style Mantras- 10 Ways to Make the MOST of What You’ve Got

    Madrid Fashion Week

    What a better time for style motivation than a summer spotlight as the fun season wraps up so you have the time to get back in gear for fall?  I’ve pulled these style mantras to move you back in focus  to feel more inspired about yourself.

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    Abundant style is having a wardrobe that WORKS for you; not the fantasy you get lost in.  

    Case in point: Pretty fabulous outfit here. It got your attention. But it is NOT what abundant style is all about.

    Not in my book at least.

    The party outfit pictured is gorgeous – and flashy- no doubt. But, really, how often do you need to wear something like this?

    Not much, I bet.

    There’s a time and place for red carpet fashion, evening glamour, special occasion fabulous. However, many of us have a tendency to focus on the fantasy and not on what they really wear. I call that, fashion escapism.

    I get it.

    For all my years as a fashion stylist, I loved to “play dress up” and style super glamorous covers. As a matter of fact, this fuchsia dress, reminds me of an old VOGUE Mexico cover that I styled. But more important, I liked to style the more basic and make those clothes look fabulous because it’s what people really wear.

    You can’t escape your closet and you can’t escape your daily life. So, let’s create a style that brims with boundless flattering fashion possibilities and exponentially delivers wearable chic to suit YOU, in your lifestyle. I call this abundant style.

    Abundant style makes the most of what you’ve got so you don’t waste a fortune playing dress up. It guides you to overflow with possibilities without feeling like you have a full closet and nothing to wear.

    For the new year and forward, let’s envisage these 10 abundant style mantras to exceed your personal style…

    1.  Release the belief that you must follow every trend to be fashionable.

    2.  Embrace what inspires you.

    3.  Liberate the fuglies out of your closet... there’s a hipster at a thrift store somewhere waiting to pounce on those fuchsia cowboy boots.

    4.  Purchase what flatters you today and not what you think you will shrink into.

    5.  Collect the “if only it was a little…” items from your closet and take them to the tailor, once and for all!

    6.  When the tailor can’t help, off to the donation bin you go.

    7.  Admonish the phobia that you never look “right,” and learn to do something about it. Yes, you can. It’s called asking for help.

    8.  Relish your physical attributes and  let go of what holds you back.

    9.  Understand that confidence is the new chic.

    10. Find the abundance in the exponential possibilities of  YOU.

    How do you define your abundant style? Please share your style mantras below.

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     Originally Published on  Jan 3, 2013

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