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    COLOR ME HIP… How To Bust Out Of Blah On A Budget With A Dose Of Scarlet Fever

    How To Bust Out Of Blah On A Budget With A Dose Of Scarlet Fever

    It’s not age or lifestyle that blasts your appearance mileage off the odometer, it’s your sprit-or lack of it. "Soccer mom" may just be a euphemism, but… we may be a take-the-kids-to-a-game-kind-of-mom at one point in our life, and by no means should that ever be associated with looking drab. Even moms can look hip!
    When everyday starts to look like one of those "should have stayed in bed" days, it’s time to reassess.
    At least, you have the wherewithal to know you need a makeover… most poor souls walk around in a dull-induced never-never land of style ennui.
    For a quick trend fix high on the hip-o-meter and low on the piggy-bank smasher, think color. This season it’s Red or Dead…. Scarlet Fever is the Ultimate Blah Buster.
    How can you possibly slump into the boring trap when you radiate the sheer warmth of red? If you question the intensity of this hotter-than-now color, look to what shade tie the safest of safe men wear for a power surge: red! ‘Nuf said.
    Go for beauty first, it’s cheaper than a total wardrobe redo and packs a major image wallop. The best part is that the new reds are clear, glossier veils of color rather than the high-pigment matte versions of seasons ago. So, they are easier to wear during the day and not as much of an over-the-top kind of glamour. Focus on one feature and fire it up!
    Swingin’ Sweetie Eye Sparkle and Work That Skirt Dancing Darling Lip Sparkle, both from BeneFit ( are primo examples of the new hue… sheer, ripe reds with the right amount of glitz for fun… and, we just love their names!
    La Bella Donna Naturale Therapy mineral pigment Raspberry To Blush ( was originally formulated as a post-operative laser coverage, but it’s treatment properties and lightweight texture reinforce the modern look of natural bold color.
    High pigment, rich color, and a zip of sparkle in warm Bordeaux is what Tony&Tina ( Seductress Nail Paint provides…one coat looks fresh. In a mad dash? Try Maybelline Express Finish Fast-Dry Nail enamel in Red Hot Mamma glittery claret. For a serious kisser, Maybelline Moisture Whip Lipstick in Love Spells is an answered prayer.
    Get the devil on you! Le Rouge de Pupa (Pupa cosmetics available at is a whimsical chubby, red devil-shaped makeup kit that opens up to hold eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick… the ultimate powder room conversation piece.
    If you need something to stash these goodies in while you are on the go, the dark raspberry wool "Mumsy Bag" from Banana Republic is this season’s perfect embodiment of hand-held coolness, besides wool is hip and provides plenty of bang for the buck.
    Heads up! Redheads can wear more red. Quit whining about locks that drag like a dead lox, Graham Webb (800-456-9322) Wine Red Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner both are cool, non-commitment ways to make hair blush in a fabulous, full-bodied shade of burgundy…plus, they smell yummy too.
    Desperate for a really good glugable red? Check out
    Don’t try too hard to be fashionably cool, with a little nudge, hip happens. Go out and get inspired!