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  • Eyeglass Secrets to Look Beautiful: Tips to find the best eyeglass shape for your face


    No one wants to feel like a fuddy-duddy in specs. Try these style to find the most flattering + best eyeglass shape for your face

    If U can C this, U R on your way 2 looking snappy in specs! My fuzzy-eyed femme fatale, do not wither in dolefulness. Any appearance adjustment can be unsettling and confusing… especially, if it’s something you feel that you are conceding to by default.

    Say poppycock to hush-hush peeks from dusty dime store danglers that hover in the underbelly of your pocketbook. Brave up and be ready for your close-up.

    Glasses can be alluring:

    Just think of Marilyn Monroe looking sensually studious in bulky black rectangle frames and bazillions of other gorgeous eyeglass wearers.

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    The focus (I just could not resist this pun) is to select an unobtrusive, easy-to-wear frame that compliments your face shape and blends into your overall look– like the most fabulously subtle accessory. Or, why not try a frame that unexpectedly defies predictability and anchors your personal style? Then again, how about choosing a few pairs that fit your different moods? What’s key is to remember that not every face looks great in every shape frame.

    After an exasperating session of trying on a mélange of shapes, it is no wonder that you end up glassy-eyed (darn, there goes a crummy pun again). Once you have narrowed down your picks to just a few, it can be difficult to individually compare each style in the mirror and how it holds up on your face.

    Consider a few insider secrets to hone in on the most flattering + best eyeglass shape for your face:

    • · Eyeglass size should be in proportion to face size. For instance, large full faces are flattered by more oversized frames, yet a petite face would appear “bug-eyed” in the same scale of frame.
    • · The most suitable frame shape is the opposite of your face shape. Angular-shaped faces look better with rounder frames. Softer, fuller faces are enhanced with sharper-edged frame shapes.
    • · Use frame shapes to help create the illusion of a more oval face. Narrow rectangle frames lengthen a round face. Full-bottomed frames balance a wide forehead. A square face appears softer with an oval frame. A narrow forehead will appear fuller with a cat eye frame.
    • · To insure correct lens size, check to see that your eye falls dead center of the eyeglass lens.
    • · Eyeglasses should complement but not compete with your hairstyle; be sure not to get carried away with a fussy frame if you favor big hair.
    • · If you prefer a colored frame, opt for one that enhances skin tone and hair shade, rather than just choosing the trend color of the moment.
    • · Our faces are not always in perfect balance, be sure glasses rest evenly on ears and cross eyebrows at the same level to avoid a seesaw effect.

    There is even a neat cyber way to do all this! has an ingenious way of virtually superimposing your face in as many styles of glasses to your perplexed heart’s content. And, then letting you look at yourself wearing all your choices alongside each other.

    There really is something groovy about a little group of photos of you in a bunch of different frames. In one quick glance, can you yeah or nay an eyeglass style that pops out at you without deliberating through the (in) decision process. Best off, the routine is fun. It took me about an hour to try on 25 or so frames of sunglasses until I found the “perfect” pair—in a brick and mortar store I would go mad trying this many on. And, in a virtual environment, there is no persnickety salesperson being ticked off because you feel like trying on a lifetime supply of peepers. Here’s looking at you, babe!

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