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  • Holy Cannoli, It Costs More to be a Plus-Sized Gal


    It costs at least $4,879 more a year to be an obese woman than “regular-sized” and nearly twice what obese male counterparts have to pay, reports a study in The New York Post.

    “It’s much harder to be an obese woman that an obese man,” said researcher Christine Ferguson, a George Washington Universityprofessor.” That $4,800 number is a very conservative number.”

    The story continues to say that according to the study obese women don’t earn as much as thinner ladies and rank in $1,855 less annually, while big guys are unaffected in the wage department.

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    A body-mass index of more than 30 is what is considered to be obese and costs both men and women in the usual ways: having to pay higher medical bills, take more sick days and even shell out more for gasoline to cart their heavier frames around, according to the study.

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