Dating Profile Pic Tips: 7 Secrets to Swipe Right Photos

Swipe Right Photo Secrets

How to take dating profile photos that will help you find your sweetheart

Dating profile photos, oh my…

While I personally don’t use dating apps (my husband would kill me, lol), I’ve certainly helped friends and students get the “swipe right” look with their dating profile photos.  From what I’ve seen, there’s a lot of weirdness when it comes to showing yourself off online.

It’s not your fault if taking a great photo doesn’t come naturally to you. But it is to your benefit to authentically position yourself in a way that attracts what you want to attract.

Let your confidence and real personality be seen. Looking authentic makes you trustworthy in your “swipe-right” missionResearch states that it takes seven seconds to make a first impression in real life, and slice that down to instantaneous when it comes to making an impression online.

Let’s face it, we live in a swipe right world online.

And when it comes to a dating profile, as superficial as it may seem, you don’t want to risk being “left” out just because of an iffy photo. In today’s modern visual world, we want to be a “swipe-right”- whether it’s your business photos, your social media photos, or your dating app photos.

Your online profile gives you the opportunity to be known for who you really are and it begins with a great headshot.

Why risk your success of scoring a sweetie just because of a dubious photo?

Don’t worry, I have 7 tips to warm you up in the online art of swipe-right profile photo without having to use fancy equipment or hire a photographer.

I can teach you how to love taking your own perfect pictures like the star you are, based on my 15-year career in the photo industry as a fashion stylist, just download the free 30-page How to Look Great in Photos Cheat Sheet, here.

According to dating sites, the more photos, the merrier results. You’ll get more messages from interested prospects if your profile has about 4 or more photos that best represent you and what you like. So let’s get started to build a photo library that spotlights the real you.

Dump those unflattering photos and learn to capture photos that portray you being relatable, real and irresistible with these pro tips:

  1. Be authentically wonderful.  Present yourself with honesty. You are the best at being you! Your style should emphasize your identity. You have to be recognizable in your photos as you are entering a room. Let your confidence and real personality be seen. Looking authentic makes you trustworthy in your “swipe-right” mission. Also honesty is one of the building blocks of a significant relationship.
  2. Make it look casual, relax! Maybe there is nothing natural in taking your picture, use that thought to laugh a little. Avoid stiff poses. Talk to a friend, or move in different angles with your camera or phone in burst mode. You’ll look softer and at ease.
  3. Out with the old picture. We all looked younger 5 years ago, but not necessarily better.  This is about who you are now. And nothing is weirder than a school yearbook photo from when you graduated decades ago. Take this as a great opportunity for self-reflection. If in your contemporary photo your hair and makeup look outdated, it’s time for a mini style makeover, or a major one if you’re up for it. Ask for advice and have fun!
  4. You in your real habitat. What you do, and how you live only makes you more interesting. Don’t post a picture of the time you pet a horse if you are actually allergic and won’t leave the city for more than half a day.One exception to the rule: clean and tidy up the background a little, if you are at home. Nobody wants to see a piggy place.
  5. Avoid the creepiness. Keep in mind the context, as you don’t want to look overtly sexy, too serious or obnoxious. You know that photo, the one that makes you squirm… DO NOT let that photo happen to you! That means not looking overtly sexy, cheesy, or like a creepy ax murderer.  You want to come across as a lovely human being that someone would like to have a great conversation with over a cup of coffee– nothing extreme that screams TMI.
  6. Be solo when you want to become a duo.  I get it, you looked fantastic on that great date and you want to show yourself off but cropping out someone from a photo not only looks weird but it makes the viewer think, “what the heck happened to that person?” You are the focal point of the photo so position yourself so that all eyes are on you and not wondering about the missing person. You don’t need to blur out friends from a photo only because you look good in that one. Simply notice what you like about yourself there and take a fresh picture where you are the focal point.
  7. Don’t play make believe. True Story: I was flipping through a dating site with a friend who is in the acting business. One gentleman stood out as looking like the perfect date with perfect professional photos. When I suggested him as a possible date for her, my friend was quick to point out that they guy was really a soft porn star and those were his commercial headshots to look like the “every guy.” Eeeech. As much as it’s wonderful to have photographs that looks like it fell off the pages of a magazine, it also comes off as trying too hard to be liked. I mean really, do you want to date someone who hired a full on photography crew to “capture” them as they are?  It reads phony and tarnishes the know, like, and trust factor. People respond to realness. .

Your pictures are to show your ideal date that it would be lovely to meet you for tea or coffee and great conversation.

We gather information from how people present themselves visually. Photographs precede you in dating sites, social media, in your resume and in your every endeavor.

Gain awareness of how your image connects you with people of every kind of relationship, from love to business and how it influences your success.

Happy hunting for love!




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