And the winner is…

Have to share! I was poking around on my iPhone and stumbled upon this fun photo of me hanging out backstage in the green room while I was waiting on hair & makeup for a TV show appearance.

Notice something pretty obvious?

I’m holding not one, but two Emmy Awards!

I couldn’t resist sneaking a photo with the Emmys just randomly sitting there. There were even more of them. (I’m sure the awards were there for guests to play with).

This photo got me thinking that even though it would be nice to be acknowledged with such a prestigious award (and on multiple occasions), we all need to acknowledge and reward ourselves for the work that each and every one of us does.

The thing is that so many of us sadly get overlooked.

We work our “arse” off, we know we’ve got IT.  But we go unnoticed lost in the crowd.

In today’s social media crazed world, it starts with your image.

According to a recent study, text is less than 10% of what people think of you. The rest is all about your photo

Yet our photos can be an afterthought for so many of us.

So many of us needlessly procrastinate about having a library of images that we can use for a variety of things from our headshots to our social media posts.

It’s easy to use the same old photo for forever.

Or to think you need a big branding shoot and then end up with a lame a photographer who has you pose like a  jazzed 13 year old who just won a lifetime of Taylor Swift concert tickets (yes, I’ve seen the fake euphoria of grown up women entrepreneurs on wacky photo shoots and it’s not pretty).

When what you really need in today’s visual world are authentic photos that spotlight you.

Not some one-off stiff corporate type photo or goofy staged branding photos, but photos that show you as your best, real self. The kind of photos that amplify the “know, like, trust” factor of who you really are, not some convoluted weirdo character or as stiff as a corpse.

However, if you’re not the model or celebrity type, it can be scary to get in front of the camera.

I get it.

Being in front of the camera didn’t come instinctively to me even though I was on the other side of the camera as a fashion photography stylist on major photoshoots for 15 years before I became an entrepreneur.

I learned how to “do the moves,” I learned how to look great in photos with just the equipment I had. So can you.

Grab my free ebook, “How To Look Great in Photos,” here.

It’s your time to stand in your spot light. Own your star power.

The winner is you!


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