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    The allure of the People’s Princess

    Diana Style by Colin McDowell; Forward by Manolo Blahnik. Princess Diana’s Style – her life as a fashion icon.A decade later: Diana’s style evolution from frumpy to fashionable to fantastic!

    I cried when I heard Diana, Princess of Wales died. I don’t really understand why.

    Even when photographed in one of those ghastly hat horrors that we have come to accept as de rigueur for British royalty there was always something so compelling, so visceral, so natural about the Princess of Wales that you absolutely could not resist taking your eyes off her.

    And when she did get the royal boot and or fell mercy to the public humiliation of her fair prince reportedly saying he would love to be the tampon of a homely, older, and non-charismatic other woman, she only grew more fascinating and even more irresistible.

    Diana had that certain magnetism which is usually reserved for movie stars, yet if she was an actress her nose would have probably been bobbed and her hair more sexed up. But as a princess, her looks were honest and her appeal was genuine. Her total style captured the world by its seat. And face it, as an American is there now a royal that you even take notice? Well, maybe her sons, Princes William and Harry who inherited the twinkle in their eyes.

    Diana had “it” in a society always looking to find it.

    On the tenth anniversary of her death, Diana Style by fashion authority Colin McDowell with a forward by Manolo Blahnik unfolds the journey of the People’s Princess from simple school girl to her life as a fashion icon with all the delicious style bites in between.

    “If anything happens to me, do you think people will see me as another Jackie Kennedy?” Diana, Princess of Wales said. Yes, Diana they do.

    –August 21, 2007

    Diana Style by Colin Mc Dowell with a forward by Manolo Blahnik; St. Martin’s Press available at (120 photos)
    Publication date: August 23, 2007


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