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    Power Plate is the celebrity fitness machine for a speedy workout

    My Power Plate review fot vibration training at home. Celebrity fitness machine for a speedy workout. Madonna may have gotten the buzz on everyone’s lips, but Brookstone has the super fast workout machine to jiggle your hips.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Power-Plate is a strange bird when it comes to exercise.

    We all want everything faster than lightening, after all who has time to waste? So here comes this fitness apparatus which uses Acceleration Training, a.k.a. vibration training to produce a full tilt boogie workout in only 15 minutes by initiating 25-50 muscle contractions per second— it’s like the Iron Chef of butt crunches!

    Sounds pretty amazing for those pressed for time, besides desiring a little augmentation to their strength, flexibility, bone density, and accelerated weight loss. I was especially keen to the other Power Plate “spa” benefits like detoxification, deep-tissue massage, improved skin condition, decreased cellulite, while minimizing stress and pain, so I had to try this new baby out.

    It’s odd all right, usually after an intense workout or one-on-one with a personal trainer, you feel a certain sense of triumph that you made it through the whole session without keeling over. But the first time I worked out on a Power-Plate, I felt like a teenage girl— all giddy and breathless, without really knowing why. The workout was so fast and so intense that it felt like a short and flirty fitness fling, but you DO feel the results!

    Madonna may have gotten the vibration training buzz on everyone’s lips, but Brookstone now has the super fast Power-Plate workout machine to jiggle your hips! It’s the same technology used by a swarm of other bodylicious celebrities including Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson, Clint Eastwood, P-Diddy, Hilary Swank, over 60 pro and college sports teams, and The Police and Sting who took the Power Plate on tour with them.

    But this is not a lightweight machine that you can schlep across your apartment. It’s a solid piece of well-designed equipment, not just the regular health club model, but even the newer home my5 Vibration Training Machine version that’s available at Brookstone. Power-Plate also carries a price tag too serious to use as a new place to dump your clothes (yeah, I know the other purpose of some home exercise equipment), but used alone or in combination with your existing fitness program, you may not get a celebrity body, but coming close to it will be faster!

    –August 07, 2007

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