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  • Do you dare to wear knee high socks with heels?


     Wear It Wednesday… it’s a dare to pull off socks and shoes.

    Socks and shoes, no not the way actors had to wear black socks in sexy movie scenes back in the day, but black socks of the off the runway kind.

    Miuccia Prada started the knee high socks worn with heels trend and championed it. Think of this fashion trend as an alternative to boots in warmer months, just look at the Marni look below.  Outfits pop with neutral knee socks (please avoid colorful socks as you want to veer away from cutseyville), with retro and easy to try shifts in proportions.

    Marni Resort 2010

    You can also try the knee socks worn with heels trend to color block a too bright outfit and be a little fashion secret  when avoiding a pedicure.

    Socks with shoes looks best with sturdier looking footwear, like a platform loafer or chunkier sandal and a lot of youthful bravado.

    Stylist Tips to pull off knee socks with heels:

    Ok, some may not want to hear this and if mama didn’t tell you, FoS will. Dark socks emphasize the shape of your bare legs and look best on long, lean and straight legs, which many of us don’t have. If you have bow legs, knock-knees or have chubby thighs, skip this look or try socks that are more scrunched than straight, in a color that is not  as contrasting to your skin tone, and keep the socks shorter and closer to ankle high to stay in balance.

    Sock it to me with these knee high socks styles…


    Ok, so do you to dare to wear knee socks with heels? Please comment below…

    Photos: Marnie & Prada via Facebook

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