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  • When to wear flip-flops? Jessica Alba gets it…


    Stylist Advice: Can I wear flip-flops in the city?

    Oh yes, the “when to wear flip-flops” in place of proper shoes debate continues…

    Frankly, the idea of wearing flip-flops as shoes in the city wrecks my nerves. UNLESS, you are heading back from a pedicure as Jessica Alba is caught doing in New York.  At a certain age, it is no longer cute or stylish to wear your beach shoes like a regular pair of shoes. It doesn’t read trendy, but reads lazy.

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     There, I’ve said it, flip flops are not PROPER shoes. No way, no how. They have most definitely had a trendy moment, and may have even morphed into a hipster way of saying F-off about fashion, but rubber flip-flops don’t convey off-handed, easy chic in a more sophisticated environment like a good pair of flats, even flips flops made of real materials and not rubber.

    Besides the look, you really don’t  stand or walk the same way in a pair of rubber shoes clanking against your foot with your toes scrunched to keep them on as you would in a (slightly) more supportive (and attractive) shoe.

    Cynthia Vincent Sage Ballet Flats

    Cynthia Vincent Sage Ballet Flats, like Jessica Alba is carrying

    Ok, so when to wear flip-flops? If you want tower them to and from a pedicure, at the beach, on a lazy kick-back weekend, or even when your feet are killing you from trying to walk in those unwalkable platforms (ummm, those should go to), go right ahead.  But please don’t confuse a shoe that you wear in a public shower as  a real shoe.

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    As for the rest of Jessica Alba’s outfit… I LOVE it! The Euro scarf, classic denim jacket, loose fit classic gray t-shirt, and rolled emerald green chinos are fantastic, easy, and modern. I bet it looks even better when she adds the touch of pattern from the Cynthia Vincent Printed Sage Ballet Flats that she is carrying!

    Get The essence of Jessica Alba’s style… pedi flip flops included!

    Photo: Cynthia Vincent

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