Le Dress: C’est French Chic Street Style That You Can Wear From Paris Fashion Week

le dress

I’ll Have What She’s Having: French Chic Street Style styling details to amp your dress

I’m a little obsessed with the ease and élan of these Paris Fashion Week street style snaps. Let’s once-over what makes the styling work & how you can get inspired to update your wardrobe like the lovely ladies (and gent) that Richard snapped at Paris Fashion Week. Scroll to the very end for similar styling to shop right now.

Ladylike Classic with quirky youthful edge



A bit of Bourgie breaks through stuffy connotations when the styling has a pop of quirky chic. Harken  your inner blue blood with finely tailored pieces that have a youthful air.

Don’t fall prey to leaving out the irony. The double edged styling sword is that at a certain age (you know when it’s you) a heavy hand in this arena adds 10 years to your appearance. An easy, undone ponytail, cat eye glasses, and the joie de vivre are fun, and are NOT optional. Note the gold jewelry. And, how fresh is the way she cross bodies her chain strap bag? Well, very…

The Big Flower Brooch (not Sex and the City style!)


Truth be told, I never barely watched  Sex and the City when it was on TV in its first iterations. It really wasn’t my thing.  But, I always thought the oversized “Carrie” flower from the series start was totally fabu.

This isn’t THAT flower brooch, though.

This is about adding something unexpected and feminine and another way to accessorize a little black dress. Fashion is cycular and the flower brooch is finally looking fresh again. Easy hair and make up keeps the look from getting prissy. Don’t like flowers? Try a statement pin.

Simple Flat Sandals with Feminine Lace


Your eye has adjusted. Crazy high heels are looking dated. Walkable flats appear both modern and logical are on trend. By now, you may have gotten the memo that the Birk influence is the new stiletto. But we like it more when the styling takes the nuance & isn’t as literal, but rather pretty. Like the sweet lady here.

So take it one step further and pair a chunkier, better than utalitarian flat sandals with lace for off-handed ease.

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Paris Fashion Week Street Style Photos: Richard Nahem