Try A New Skirt Length and Update Your Look and Attitude

Try A New Skirt Length, go ahead and challenge yourself, you just might be surprised at the results…

Like a good dress, a good skirt can take you quite far sartorially speaking, but unlike a dress you get even more wear as you can mix & match like there’s no tomorrow. And since we all know how easy it is to get mundane with what you already know looks good on you, we thought you might want to consider a new challenge.

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By now we’re guessing you have the basics covered, so now’s the time to have fun with your alternatives. Get started with a collection of great, unique skirts in fresh shapes and lengths.

Go ahead and see if any of these wardrobe must-have’s could amp up your look –we dare you! How can you not  with all the glorious shopping choices ar the end!



The Midi Skirt-


Over the past few seasons the Midi Skirt has made a major comeback on both the runways and in the real world. They work in a major way for everyone as they help you look instantly pulled together, age-appropriate and covered up while allowing for a break of skin that is essential if you are on the more petite side. Vanessa Bruno Athe’s prarie inspired number could work as a neutral foundation piece as you’ll be able to wear it year-round in a myriad of ways.

Benefits: Slimming and lengthening, Extra coverage, Creates a spotlight for your favorite shoes, Add a belt and you’ve got a great way to hide your waist

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The Maxi Skirt-


You can find a basic jersey maxi skirt just about anywhere and at any price. What we suggest you be on the lookout for is quality as this comfort friendly style can look unflattering when the proportions are wrong and the draping is heavy. Motel’s dotted maxi skirt is one way to keep the eye focused when fully covered up to help you avoid looking like a dark spot, especially in pictures.

Benefits: Full coverage, Comfort, Figure flattering

The Smart A-Line Skirt-


While a chic a-line skirt is certain to go the extra mile, we’re keen on Josh Goot’s marvelous color-blocked option with its figure enhancing play with prints. With a piece this rife with personality, stick with simple, neutral options to keep it from looking too heavy.

Benefits: Look great with stockings, Coverage for your thighs that flatters, Changes the proportions of your silhouette

The Updated Pleated Skirt-


Pleated skirts are about as quintessentially feminine and old-school glamorous as you can get. But what’s really caught our eye over the past few seasons are the cleverly fresh takes. No longer are they saved for the highschool and ultra girlie set as many of the options out there today boast an arty sophistication. Vionnet’s patch pleated beauty manages to work as a conversation piece we bet you’ll never get tired of talking about, and best of all, its on sale for over 70% off at the moment!

Benefits: Can add a romantic touch to the most minimal of looks, Perfect for warm weather when in chiffon, Gives off an air that’s feminine and grown up

The Classic Knee-Length Pencil Skirt-


For something as essential as a knee-length pencil skirt, go to a tried & true source such as Eileen Fisher to make sure you get the most wear possible. Once you’ve found a fitted piece, the options you can go are endless as a classic pencil skirt works as a base for everything. From breezey oversized tops to slim fitting blouses, you can go any direction you feel confident with.

Benefits: Can highlight your figure, Can add a whiff of sensuality that’s still covered up and respectful, Can make you look taller


SHOP IT: Midi, Maxi, A-line, Pleated… we have skirt styles to suit your every mood.  Which is your favorite?


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