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  • Star Jones shares tips for the essential evening shoe

    Star Jones shares tips for the essential evening shoes. What to look for in special occasion shoes

    What to look for in special occasion shoes

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    Dear Sharon: I have purchased a conservative, but nice, knee-length black dress with some beading around the neckline for a cocktail party that is not black-tie. Shoes, for me, are the worst thing to buy. I never know what styleto get and the wrong style can make or break an outfit.

    I have a pair of sandals with a clear acrylic heel, clear plastic across the top and a silver strap that I wore to a Bar Mitzvah years ago with a sequin dress. But, I was wondering if black satin pumps would be more appropriate for this occasion?

    Are satin shoes old-fashioned? Is the acrylic heel and plastic out of date? Can leather go “cocktail” now? This dress feels “heavier” than the spaghetti strap, sequin dress I wore with them the first time, although this dress is sleeveless. I HATE making shoe decisions. Help! —How Shoe You Do (Buford, GA)


    Dear How Shoe You Do: Unless we live a life that involves the need for a wardrobe of drop-dead evening stilettos, finding the perfect evening shoe to wear on select special occasions can send even the most fashionably adroit into a tailspin.

    When it comes to dressy shoes, there really are two kinds: Ones that pop out and make a lasting impression, like your very of-the-moment clear jeweled sandals, and ones that are simple, elegant, and timeless. But when you can only buy the basics, how can you find evening footwear that adds the runway sizzle without stinging your budget?


    I asked Star Jones, co-host of ABC’s “The View,ö former prosecutor, and the inspiration behind the Payless Starlet by Star Jones collection of holiday dress shoes that deliver designer flair on a budget to shed some succinct tips on how to include the quintessential red carpet perfect evening shoe into your wardrobe.

    This lady knows how to make an entrance! Star says she goes out all the time to charity events benefits, red carpet events, and movie premieres and often spends time standing.


    However, she can’t stand, let alone dance in a shoe with over a 3″ heel and that’s why her Kayla design is one of the most talked about, versatile evening shoes. It’s a simple black fabric mule with 2 jeweled straps and can take you just about anywhere in style. She says it is the one look that goes with a bunch of things.

    If I could only afford one evening shoe, it would be a black strappy sandal, Star says.

    If you can havejust two evening shoes in your wardrobe, Star suggests, not the obvious beige or gold, but a nice pale gray that goes with just about everything as your second pair. A black pump for day would complete your essential shoe looks.

    Don’t buy a leather evening shoe; hard shoes are a no-no at night,Star warns. Instead opt for a silk, satin, or print sandal. She always prefers sandals over anything else for evening. ôIn winter, you put on a coat, and go from the car to wherever you are going. Never, never wear toe pantyhose with strappy sandals. If you feel that you need to wear hose, do footless, says Star.

    Proceeds from every sale of Starlet by Star JonesTM shoes will be donated to the’ “Starlet Fund”, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting self-esteem among girls and women.

    –December 10, 2003

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