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  • Senior style for forgoing pantyhose: Adjust your fashion sense for your age

    Adjust your fashion sense for your age… Senior style for forgoing pantyhose

    Q:Adjust your fashion sense for your age… Senior style for forgoing pantyhose

    Here’s a spin on that proverbial chestnut: hose worn with open shoes.

    I’m old, and my legs show it.

    My old gams look much better in hose, obviously. Hose does for my legs what Ultima II does for my face! So, I know pantyhose worn with open shoes is a no-no, but I’ve seen old girls like me without hose, and it ain’t pretty! Is there any advice you can offer? (Rochester, NY)


    Sweetie, you make me chuckle. Age certainly does bring wisdom in your case. You are smart enough to know that a good part of having style is the common sense that some fashion trends do come with an expiration date!

    Pantyhose is like wearing a little camouflage cream for your legs, but the look of nude, mesh hose over your toenails in open sandals is just cruddy, no matter what!

    Simply adjust your shoe style to your wardrobe. When you are in the need of wearing hose, like with a shorter skirt, wear shoes with a more closed front. Keep your open, strappy sandals for pants or longer skirt where hosiery is not an issue. If your toes look yucky, stay away from sandals, period.

    By the way, this advice is not merely because of age. If you have a body part that makes you uncomfortable, don’t flaunt it, no matter what’s in fashion.

    –December 3, 2003


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