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  • Easy Thanksgiving Holiday Recipes… because who wants to waste time in the kitchen?!


    Whats’ cooking at my house!

    Smells so good that I thought I’d share my Thanksgiving recipes with you  with some behind-the-scenes photos while I’m cooking!  

    For me, style is a lot like cooking. 

    You start with the best ingredients and the rest is easy. That’s a main premise in the C’est Chic Crash Course– it’s not about being precise, it’s about having the know-how to instinctively get it together. 

    I’m not a fan of the typical turkey dinner with lot’s of heavy food and sugar. So, here’s my twist:

    Roasted Herb Turkey Breast-

    Made with what’s in the house herbs mostly fresh, some dried.

    Thyme, Sage Rosemary, chopped garlic, dried Greek oregano, tri-color pepper, Himalayan sea salt, 2 kinds of parsley, cilantro, basil oil, lemon oil, Dijon mustard, Chablis mustard, pinch of mustard powder. Some apple cider vinegar, some white wine. Mix until it tastes good to you!

    I let it marinate over night but you don’t have to. Just be sure the turkey is nicely covered with herbs. Cook at 325 for just under 2 hours. Keep an eye on it for timing.

    (p.s. best part of the herbs, not only is it tasty but camouflages the foul smell of fowl!)

    Cranberry Yum-

    2 bags of cranberries, one chopped apple, handful of fresh blueberries, handful of dried goji berry, around a cup of apple cider, a little water, splash of liquid chai, splash of maple syrup, splash of beet juice, a little lemon juice, handful of chopped nuts, handful of raisins, some fresh pomegranate seeds. Let it go to a boil and then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it sit until it’s ready. 

    Leftovers are great over chia pudding (recipe here) or plain yogurt!

    Roasted Butternut Squash

    Chopped squash (Trader Joe’s has it prepped for you), rosemary, a little bit of red onion slice, lemon pepper, Himalayan sea salt, flavorful olive oil. Mix together. Prepare overnight if you can so the flavors seep in. Roast until ready!

    I’ve got a few other sides, my husband is doing a lasagna, and my mother-in law-is bringing the stuffing.

    That’s it! Keep it easy and delicious! These hearty and healthy foods are perfect for any holiday dinner.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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