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  • Erin Fetherston Tips for Parisian Chic

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    Infuse ‘Parisian Chic’ Into Your Everyday Life

    With the cooler weather approaching, it’s time to start thinking about a new look for the fall/winter season. While this can suggest shopping for new clothes, it can also mean updating your personal style and extending that style to other aspects of your life.

    According to fashion designer Erin Fetherston, “Creating a signature look will take your style quotient to the next level. Understanding your personal style will also help you take a creative approach to everything from your wardrobe and home decor to the way you entertain.”

     Fetherston suggests using a place you love to draw inspiration. “After studying fashion design and living in France for several years, Paris has become a major influence for me both on and off the runway,” says Fetherston. “Using Paris as an inspiration is easier then you may think and can go beyond just fashion, influencing your overall personal style and tastes.”

    For those looking for ways to incorporate a Parisian chic look into their own style, Fetherston shares her favorite tips.

    Erin Fetherston’s Top Style Tips for French Chic:


    Create a signature look – The ultimate luxury in fashion is to be yourself and celebrate your personality with a signature style, and personally I love the effortless elan of all things French. Set yourself apart by crafting an individual look — a simple item like a dress can be personalized in so many ways and can really take you anywhere. To tap into your signature style, create an inspiration board of your favorite magazine clippings and photographs for fresh, new ideas. Visit galleries and museums for even more inspiration from art, photography, fashion and design.

    Pay attention to detail – An easy way to exude European sophistication is to offset your signature style with chic but unique accessories. Incorporate the eccentric glamour of Paris into your look for fall with extras like textured tights, cat eye glasses, wool berets and feathered headbands. A feminine pea coat or trench in luxe, unexpected fabrics like brocade and tweed will also elevate your singular style.

    Entertain in style – Hosting a dinner party or entertaining in your home is a chic alternative to going out. Invite your friends over for a Parisian-themed dinner and make sure to have something savory and sweet on hand. For a tasty treat, try making your own crepes or chocolate eclairs. For those less domestically inclined or more time crunched, French biscuits and wafer cookies from LU, such as Le Petit Ecolier, are sure to be instant crowd pleasers. For a glamorous twist, coordinate your music with the setting and ask your guests to match their outfits to the Parisian theme as well.

    Extend personal style to your home – Your home is another expression of your sense of style, so make sure to think about your space just as creatively as you would think about your clothes. If you gravitate toward all things vintage and romantic for your wardrobe, extend this style to your home as well. Incorporate antique mirrors or a vintage-inspired rug into your decor for a chic effect and a touch of personal style.


    Enjoy life’s little luxuries every day – Whether it’s your passion for a cafe au lait and French bread or your sweet tooth, find ways to enjoy the foods you love. Celebrate life’s little luxuries and savor the moment by enjoying your favorite treats, especially those that remind you of places you love. Personally, I’ve always been captivated by all things French, and one of my French favorites are LU Biscuts. The signature LU cookie, Le Petit Ecolier, with its rich European chocolate and buttery biscuit, is a completely chic and decadently delicious treat. – ARAcontent


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