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    Real life glamour: Add some punch to your wardrobe with top fashion trends you already have

    Add some punch to your wardrobe with top fashion trends you already have

    Dear Sharon: My style is pretty simple- lot’s of nicely cut basics. I think I’ve got that look down pat. But when it comes to getting dressed up, I’m a complete disaster. I’m not talking about anything too dressy (thankfully, I’m not a red carpet princess) just with some pizzazz for special occasions and maybe a little jazzed up day here and there.

    My calendar is getting filled with a class reunion (horrors), an engagement party, and the usual holiday fare that seems to be creeping up faster than ever. Can you help me get some sensible glamour into my everyday wardrobe and still keep to my clean style?

    Hint, I love fashion, but not clothes that I can only wear once! I do have a descent supply of leftover dressy clothes from occasions past, but nothing really feels right to wear again. Thanks for your insights. ľ Clamor for Glamour (Batavia, IL)


    Dear Clamor for Glamour: The secret to everyday, real life glamour is to mix the right amountof day and evening elements in an unexpected way. Discover the power of pow for a wearable wardrobe that takes you from sultry day to hot night glamour in a cinch.

    Sure, a slinky silk charmeus slip of a dress is an instant hit at a big night affair, but don’t let it languor in your closet waiting for the next embossed invitation to hit your mail box. Wear it over a pair of well-worn jeans and some slinky, glimmery sandals to your nextholiday house party.


    That well-cut pencil suit that you save for new client presentations, takes on another life outside the office when you toss the jacket aside and instead add a body-hugging cardigan, unbuttoned just a bit lower than what would be business appropriate. Then, pair a killer pair of heels in a standout colorlike jade green. Deepen your lip color to dark burgundy, Voila, instant day to night glamour without even leaving your desk. Oh, why not add a big jeweled cuff, just for fun?!?


    We can thank SJP for promoting the feminine fifties, flirty, big skirt bustier dress and looking so darn cute. But, besides being a nightmare to slide out of taxi when wearing- the huge, billowy skirt unquestionably makes for a memorable outfit that you can’t get a whole lot of repeat use wearing. Just like an overstuffed bridesmaid dress that you would love to recycle, half sometimes equals more than the whole.



    There is that the bustier top! Lose the skirt and pair the bustier with a pair of cigarette skinny leg pants. Add a ribbon sash, glitzy evening shoes, and a sweet brocade purse. Another done deal for big city style with found froufrou right in your wardrobe.


    The big glittery fifties brooch that you have been wearing all season, looks more modern right now and far more glamorous when you unexpectedly pin it in your upswept hair.

    While black is always timeless and chic, well-made white clothing does pop in a room. Cleaning bills aside, a slim-fitting white pantsuit will help you standout in a crowd. For that matter a splash of bright color or something luxe and embellished is a surefire glammer-upper to sculpted, clean line wardrobe essentials in neutral colors.


    No time to think about razzle-dazzle? Take five and embrace the timeless approach to instant allure: simple, slick hair, a soft dewy face, and the full impact of bold crimson lips. A guaranteed escape to a place far, far more glamorous.

    – December 9, 2004

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