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    How to put some sizzle in your style on the quick

    Dear Sharon:I don’t mean to complain, but I’m booked-out for the rest of the holiday season and it’s causing me to get into a panic about my wardrobe.

    I’m recently divorced and want to make the most of the social scene when it’s available. There seems to never be that much time to think about what I’m going to wear and definitely not enough time or money to buy something different for each party or event. I want to look fabulous, but not too high-maintenance, just sexy and fun. Maybe, I’ll find a new boyfriend for the new year. —Social Butterfly (Corpus Christi, TX)



    Dear Social Butterfly: Let’s focus on what you are looking for besides a glamorous wardrobe: the new boyfriend. Stopping looking for ôhimö and he may just sneak up on you. By all means, put yourself in situations where you can a have a great time and possibly meet someone. However, if you focus too hard on meeting Mr. Right, you’ll come across as an instant guy repellant. Go out and have a great time and others will sense that and gravitate to you!

    I agree with you about not wanting to look too high-maintenance when it comes to being a man-magnet. No matter how long your look took to get together, you should always appear more carefree and with that certain air of self-confidence. Avoid anything that is overtly matchy-matchy and discover the inherent style in quirkiness. You want to look festive, not like you’re trying too hard.

    383 When there isn’t an unlimited heiress style budget to go hog wild with (like most of us have shopping carte blanche), honing in on your hottest choices for the season is key.

    Think about how you can incorporate more formal choices into your existing wardrobe and learn how to mix the fewest pieces to create the most varied outfits.


     Try a furry shrug or caplet or anything with some feathers. The cute fuzzy add-onsummons up old movie star allure to the most simple sheath dress and looks equally cute tossed over a tunic top and jeans.

    The same goes for a velvet jacket- it’s the perfect topper for any party dress and so cool with a tweed skirt for the office. Get into DIY and replace the buttons with strips of satin ribbon to tie like that celebrity favorite YSL jacket.

    This is the time for sequins, beading, and other embellishments. Try a black clingy turtleneck with a sequin zebra print mini skirt and high black boots. On another day, pair slim jeans under a beaded flapper dress. Add one outstanding touch to an otherwise essential piece for modern style.
    Brave the red- rich ruby short fingernails are soo hot right now and bring extra attention when youů



    Grab on to a fabulous clutch– handbag that is. A bold metallic bag that you can tuck under your arm and hold a drink is the perfect party accent. The next day, stash it in your totebag for a surprise of daytime glamour.
    Go for the bling-bling. Jeweled chandelier earrings, an enormous faux cocktail ring, scores of rhinestone bracelets- one MAJOR statement making piece is all it takes.

    Forget bare arms when you can wear long satin gloves that do double-duty to keep you toasty and looking chic.
    Never underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes. ĹNuff said.

    –December 18, 2003

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