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  • Fashion Week Gossip- BCBG, Luca Luca, a Real NYC Housewife, 22 Birkin bags, a runway legend and a mess of a crowd

    Brad Boles is back with the dish… because someone has gotta dish!

    Let me say that fabulous clothes aside, it’s the fashionista freak show that wrecks my nerves!

    Now, you know who YOU are so listen up: No matter how fabulous you think you are, please stop wearing sunglasses indoors! It is beyond NOT FABULOUS and bordering on idiotic pretentiousness.

    Crowd-a-tude aside, ladies, get ready for the fall collections to have a fluid theme. If the rest of the fall 2011 collections prove to be anything like the New York Fashion Week upstart shows that I saw yesterday.

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    Fashion week crib notes from my first day at Lincoln Center…

    BCBG MAX AZRA had a strong 1940’s feeling with simple lines, bold colors and a strong amount of blues and reds. Strange thing is Luca Luca sort of had the same theme going on as well but with a more sophisticated edge… just switch the colors to all jewel tones, golds, purples, and lots of black! And you would almost think that you were seeing a continuation of the same show! Oopsie, I didn’t say that.

    Luca Luca - -Fall / winter 2011

    Luca Luca – -Fall / winter 2011

    I ran into fellow cast member and housewife Kelly Bensimon at Luca Luca. Kelly was looking fabulous as always and no word on how she feels about RHONYC Season 4 date change. If you don’t know yet, Season 4 of "The Real Housewives of New York City" is being moved to premiere mid-April in order to make way for Season 1 of "The Real Housewives of Miami," guess Andy Cohen has that answer!

    May I suggest: Watch my Impromptu Madness videos with Sharon?

    My biggest treat of the day was seeing the divine supermodel Pat Cleveland radiating in Luca Luca. Pat worked a 1940’s screen siren look a la Billie Holiday with an orange fitted jacket that had a beautiful tulip sleeve detail and paired it with flowing dark purple silk pants. I caught up with Pat after the show and asked her what she thought of the collection, "The look of a well-heeled lady is back, with an edge of modernity."

    Now let’s talk about some of the people the attend these shows…

    The good: I counted 22 Birkin bags in varying colors at Lincoln Center. The Queen of the Birkin, Lauren Arpel would be in an orgasmic state of Drag Queen bliss. Dear Lauren already has every color Birkin known to man. God forbid if somebody sported a color that she didn’t have……. think Fatal Attraction! Sharon Haver told me to shut up about my Birkin collection… a man can overindulge too, no?

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    The good grief: One interesting fashion victim who caught my eye was dressed in a belted mink coat with a hoop skirt, floral stockings and plaid high heels decorated with patent leather bows! Then there was the waif of a man wearing a was newspaper print pair of vinyl black-and-white pants. He worked the "step and repeat" for any photographer who would shutter him! Very J. Alexander from back in the day, problem was though, there was no "step and repeat".

    I must mention that I don’t think I’ve seen this much real fur in the crowd in many years.

    Where is Peta when we need them? BTW: THIS, coming from me and NOT Sharon, which is a pretty startling statement…. you know we differ and Sharon is definitely not a fan of vanity fur. In case, you need some enlightening, Tim Gunn screened his PETA video which reveals not only how animals suffer needlessly in the fur, leather, wool, and exotic skins trades, but also how many companiesŚincluding his own, Liz ClaiborneŚhave adopted animal-friendly policies. If all this doesn’t open your eyes maybe Kelly Cutrone will… Kelly organized the PETA Fashion Week Party at Stella McCartney, hosted by Tim Gunn and Olivia Munn! — Brad Boles, Contributing Editor at Large

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