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  • Fashion Week Gossip- My Favorite Real Housewife Rocks The Runway, and more never say nevers at NY Fashion Week


    Jill Zarin walks the walk as Zang Toi receives a standing ovation, Custo Barcelona rocks the house with sharp silhouette’s reminiscent of Stephen Sprouse! A Gender Bending Freak wrapped in Tissue Paper… Think Lady Gaga Meets Isabella Blow!

    We let Brad Boles out with the fashion week dish… runway reviews to come…

    Who said a Sunday night was just about the Grammy Awards!

    Or Lady Gaga with flesh-like pointed shoulders in last night’s performance of her Madonna "inspired???" song, Born This Way? Here in New York, we have Fashion Week and at the Custo Barcelona show, the Gaga would have been all over the collection with its bold retro prints in shades of pinks, purples and turquoise and lots of shiny black leather. Stephen Sprouse is surely smiling down from the heavens. Think Debbie Harry… possibly a future inspiration for Lady Gaga?

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    Jill Zarin and Zang Toi

    Jill Zarin and Zang Toi

    Surely the shining light of the evening would be Zang Toi’s show drawing the like duo of of Emma Snowden Jones and The Fabulous Beekman Boys Josh Purcell and Brent Ridge of Planet Green. Zang has always had a flare for drama and believe me there was more then drama with long jackets embellished with deep shades of fur and a sleek wide leg pant. Zang’s use of color packed a punch with deep emeralds, reds and silver for his evening collection think Auntie Mame. The show closed with My girl Jill Zarin working the runway like a princess in a fairy tale– including a twirl– the strapless black and silver ball gown brought the house down with a standing ovation.

    Now let’s talk about my favorite thing the fashion parade otherwise known as the attendees.

    Walking around the fountain outside was a rather gender bending beauty in a dress made of yellow tissue paper and tied at the waist with a silver sash and if that wasn’t enough, yellow patent leather Mary Janes and a pink wedding cake of a hat, Think Isabella Blow meets Lady Gaga on acid. I believe the true show is outside of the tents. There is nowhere else I would rather be! And how was your weekend? –Brad Boles

    Photo: focusonstyle.onsugar

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