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  • Fashion Week Survival Tips and Gossip from Last Big Hamptons Weekend from Brad Boles


    A farewell to a big summer! A clambake, a game of chicken and a full disco party and season four of Bravo’s hit show "The Real Housewives of New York City"

    Sunset clambake…

    There’s not a chance you could get better then Labor Day in the Hamptons. The weekend started with a glorious sunset clambake at the divine ocean-front home of my very own Lauren Arpel and fifteen perfect summer friends. I was in a panic as to how to make a bonfire on the beach though. But, have no fear, I called my metrosexual friend Rob Seigel and sure enough you straight guys are good for something. He showed up with wood and his Boy Scout skills to light up the sky. We enjoyed everything from lobster to fresh corn and s’mores.

    At the clambake with the fabulous Joost, the concierge to the stars

    At the clambake with the fabulous Joost, the concierge to the stars

    All the pretty ladies…

    The next night I was invited to a very chic dinner in Amaganset. I can’t mention the name of one of guests, a supermodel, but you all know her. After she bounced back from a huge scandal, she’s had more fashion campaigns then in her previous incarnation. The evening ended up rather bare: all naked in the pool playing chicken. Needless to say her body is still flawless.

    I then went to a fabulous birthday party for Emma Snowden Jones, my new love, which may prove to be a problem in Season 4 of "The Real Housewives of New York City"…just kidding Jill! Jill Zarin will always be my love and one of Bravo’s number one housewives. Happy birthday Emma! Here’s to a great Autumn filled with champagne and a new, perfectly dressed Red Carpet Goddess.

    On Sunday I attended a great Hamptons disco party in an all white modern house in Bridgehampton where I’m doing the interiors. It turned out to be a great way to test the flow of furniture placement with over a hundred guests, a DJ, two stations, as well as a full sushi bar! That’s the way to roll. And how was your weekend?

    Fashion Week Survival Tips…

    As you know, we are enjoying Fashion Week here in New York. Sharon Haver and I will be covering all the backstage beauty and celebrity gossip as well as the spring makeup and fashion trends that her feet can handle! You’ll also get fab fashion week reports from contributors Alix Kivlin, and Andrea Perini & Naveed Hussain of VagabondNYC…. you’re not gonna want miss all of this and we won’t let you!

    Here’s some tips that will help you survive fashion week in style:

    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #1: Don’t wear tranny shoes! You’ll have at least 8 hours on your feet…think sexy, comfortable three-inch heels
      Prepping the Star Lounge at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week

      Prepping the Star Lounge at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week

    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #2: Leave the heavy coats at home. It will be your worst enemy by 10 am!
    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #3: Choose one statement look per day with a great accent piece.
    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #4: If it takes you more then ten minutes to do your make-up and hair in the morning than you will miss the first two shows of the day. Those are always the big ones!
    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #5: Don’t start the cocktails until at least 5pm, or you’ll lose you ability to make the late shows.
    • Fashion Week Survival Tip #6: Take a break and have lunch between the 12pm and 1pm show’s, or you’ll never make it.

    If you’re lucky enough to be part of New York’s fashion royalty, then you won’t need these tips! We at FocusOnStyle are just a few clicks away for all the daily trends.
    BTW, in case you’re wondering where our metrosexual tips are this week, my studly friend Rob Siegel will be out for the next two weeks enjoying his honeymoon in Hawaii… congratulations Rob! — Brad Boles

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