[7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Feng Shui Tips to Living a Better, More Successful Life with Kathryn Weber, Creator of Red Lotus Letter

 If you are looking for more prosperity and abundance in your life then this week’s 7 Days to Amazing podcast full of actionable feng shui tips is perfect for you!

My guest this week is Kathryn Weber, Expert Feng Shui consultant and the creator of the internet’s longest running Feng Shui E-zine, The Red Lotus Letter.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the Chinese way of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of the ancient practice to position items in our house for optimum abundance and prosperity. But Kathryn takes this to another level, right down to what you wear, the purse you carry, the headboard on your bed, and the look of your wallet for engaging ways to increase your personal success in your style, your business, and in your life.

It’s a fun and informative interview with tons of actionable tips if you are a feng shui newbie or a devotee of the practice.

Sit down, tune in and get your Feng Shui mojo back with this fun, enlightening and informative interview.  Enjoy!

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Episode Transcription…

Announcer: Welcome to the Seven Days to Amazing Podcast where you learn how to make your life, business and style even more amazing in the next week! Now your host, Sharon Haver, of FocusOnStyle.com.

Sharon Haver: Hello chicsters, I’m kind of grooving to that music. I kind of like my little intro sound, it sort of loungy, kinda moody! Anyway, I am Sharon Haver and you are about to be amazed. I have a very special guest on today’s episode of Seven Days to Amazing.

Kathryn Weber helps people create successful lives by creating successful environments. She is the leading expert in Feng Shui online with a world recognized Feng Shui E-zine, The Red Lotus Letter. The Red Lotus Letter is the one the most popular and longest running Feng Shui E-Zine’s ever. It helps people earn more money, improve their hope and it taps and maintains loving relationships.

Kathryn has been featured in national and international publications, such as Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Natural Health, Asia Pool and Spa magazines, CBS Money Watch and launched a first of its kind Feng Shui jewelry line on the Home Shopping Network – that’s pretty cool!

So, I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to know how to attract more success, prosperity and abundance in my life, and I am sure you probably want the same for yours, I mean really why wouldn’t you? So, without further ado, let’s welcome Kathryn Weber, we are thrilled to have you here with us today.

Kathryn Weber: Ah, thank you Sharon, I appreciate that introduction and all that great “juju” you’re bringing to it. Glad to be here with you.

Sharon Haver: I’m like the “juju” lady.

Kathryn Weber: That’s fantastic.

Sharon Haver: Juju bees were  my favorite candy as a kid, so maybe it’s part of that.

Kathryn Weber: Maybe so, maybe so.

Sharon Haver: That and the Swedish fish. Now I don’t dare go near that stuff…

Kathryn Weber: It kind of sticks and gets stuck in your teeth, doesn’t it?

Sharon Haver: It’s sticks and it gets stuck in your teeth, and now I heard they make it with all sorts of creepy things and it’s sugary, but every once in a while I’m in mood… ya…I don’t even want to…it’s weird, but every once in a while, like if the person next to me happens to have one, I’ll find my little hand like grabbing over to it. It’s an impulse reaction.

Kathryn Weber: Well, you know, we’re still inside eight years old, aren’t we?

Sharon Haver: Yeah, all the time. And eight years was definitely before I had to actually go to the dentist and I had no cavities, and I still have no cavities now, so I’m kinda trying to keep it that way.

Kathryn Weber: Wow, impressive.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, I have all sorts of other teeth issues, so it doesn’t matter. Tell me about you, how did you become you, I know you have this really cool background on how you fell into Feng Shui, and where you were living, so maybe you want to start telling us a little about that, and you know how you became you and the Red Lotus Letter.

Kathryn Weber: Well sure. Right now I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and seventeen year old son and I know you and I both have seventeen year old sons, and just loving life down here. I lived on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I do mean the middle.

Exactly halfway between the US and Australia and since I was already that far around the world, I just said “hey, I’m gonna go travel around Asia”, and when did I learned about Feng Shui, but of course my mind was like “come on, really, you’re going to move stuff around your house and things are going to happen, are you kidding me!” But fast forward, I got off that rock, the pimple in the Pacific as we used to call it, and cause I actually met my husband there and we moved back to Texas.

Sharon Haver: Wow.

Kathryn Weber: Ya, it was pretty cool because this little island was only two miles long and a half mile wide and it had a thousand men and a hundred women and my job… ya, how about those odds, but I still found my husband, and he’s a one in a million. And here’s the weird thing, we had to go five thousand miles to meet each other when we’d only grown up five miles away from each other, but it’s destiny. We moved back to Texas and we started flipping houses before people called it flipping houses, and I still remember about the Feng Shui stuff, and I’m like okay, ya, all right.

And so that started, you know, let’s see what we can do, my husband, he was unhappy in his job and I said, why don’t you take a look and see if you can find a job, we like moving around, and he got a job on the East coast, and so that meant that the house we had fixed up and worked on suddenly needed to be put it up for sale and you know how, I don’t know if you’ve been in this situation Sharon, but I’m sure a lot of your listeners have; when you put your house up for sale you want it sold right then.


Sharon Haver: Oh ya, I did a complete renovation for my parents’ house and it’s one of my feathers in my cap, because I had all these Real Estate agents and they were like “ you will never get that money for it. No one has ever gotten that money.” I’m like “No, you don’t understand, it will happen, it will happen fast” she was like uh huh.

I worked my tush off to get it that way and yes I did it and I had full-blown renovations and we’re about to do another one here, so ya anyway I totally get it.

Kathryn Weber: Ya, when you are ready to move, you are ready to move right then.

Sharon Haver: You’re ready and you want it done yesterday.

Kathryn Weber: Oh yeah. So he’s living across the country and you know, crickets were playing in the house, nobody was coming by to see it, we wouldn’t have any showings. It was very frustrating because we lived at the time in a really nice neighborhood; Tommy Lee Jones lived just up the street from us.

Sharon Haver: Oh, cool.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, it was pretty…it was a nice area.

Sharon Haver: You couldn’t even use that as a selling point?

Kathryn Weber: Ya, well he’s kind of a grouchy guy and…

Sharon Haver: I heard that.

Kathryn Weber: Very grouchy, my husband used to wait on him when he was a waiter at this restaurant, and anyway… Nothing was happening and I was like let me try this Feng Shui stuff because at that point it was five months that my husband and I had been apart, and the house had been for sale, I said “I’ll stick pins into wax dolls, if that’s what it takes.” Chickens will be sacrificed if it costs more.

And so I said let me try this Feng Shui stuff, so I went out actually to Walmart and I bought a pendulum clock, it’s dead still, and I read something that a house needs to have life in it, it needs to have a heart beat and because it’s a living thing, and I went out to Walmart I bought a pendulum clock, I stuck that thing up on the wall, I kid you not that afternoon I got a call from a realtor, we had four showings, two offers in two days.

Sharon Haver: That’s moving, amazing fast.

Be the best at being you

Kathryn Weber: Well, I didn’t. I have to Sharon, I didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I moved out to North Carolina where my husband was and I needed a job, I’d been applying….it was going on, and finally I said let me try this Feng Shui stuff again. So I make a few changes, bada boom, I get a call; I get an offer for a job.

From then on I just Feng Shui’d myself into my career that kept moving me up the career ladder until the point that I never saw my family. And then I said, you know what, if I can Feng Shui myself into a six figure job I can Feng Shui myself into a multiple six figure business, and that’s what I did.

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Sharon Haver: Good for you.

Kathryn Weber: That’s where I am…. Fifteen… I don’t have to ask for time off to go see the dentist, or plan my vacation time a year in advance. It’s that I love having that freedom. So that’s kind of my story and how I got into Feng Shui. We ended up moving from South Carolina back to Texas and we went to South Texas, where we moved to a little town of five thousand people and five hundred thousand cows.

I tell everybody, I went to launch an International Feng Shui business where there were more cows than people. If I can do it in little fifty switch Texas, you can do it wherever you are, if you want to be a consultant. So that’s one of my…but we got out of there, I’m in Austin now, in land of civilization and coolness.

Sharon Haver: And coolness…. And South by Southwest. So if someone wanted to kick-start the way you did, like what would be the one thing that you could recommend to give you the kind of kick-start, kick in the butt, whatever it is to sort of like change your life-like that. Is it something that you think is around you that you need to look at a different way, do you thinks it’s some outer things that you noticed.

Because I know, I was like I was noticing before, I was on the phone with this woman, she’s a prospective client, and it’s kind of amazing because she talks about a this stuff that she can do to her client, but you know it’s like does she make these children always go barefoot, but she couldn’t do it to herself to kick-start it.

So, how do you get someone to have that, to develop that impetus like you did to make that decision to go from almost being falling on it to six figures, to multiple six figures business, how do you make that, what’s the catalyst to make that change.

Kathryn Weber: I was born and raised in the City of the Alamo, where two hundred people took on an army of five thousand, and so I have a never say die, or if you’re going to go, go out guns a blazing.


Sharon Haver: My mother’s motto was “Never Say Die”

Kathryn Weber: I love your mother. I totally get her. I really think you can’t have measure, needs don’t work, be full on, be full in, be committed. And you know whatever I do, I do with complete commitment, and that to me is the difference and you know I just find, he who hesitates is lost.

You know that old saying, and it’s true. She who dips her toe in the pool, doesn’t exactly have a great swimming experience. A wet toe is all you get.

Sharon Haver: Ya, there is no time for pussy footing. You either do it or you don’t do it, it’s like make up your mind, or as they used to say in Brooklyn, “blank” or get off the pot. It’s like I really believe that….

Kathryn Weber: We kind of have that saying here in Texas.

Sharon Haver: Yeah you have to “blank” one-way or the other, you know. It’s like just get it out.

Kathryn Weber: Exactly.

Sharon Haver: It’s like a certain time, just make the decision. So what is your average week look like, you know with your E-zine is incredible, it’s the largest one on the internet regarding Feng Shui, I know you go around and you have your own events for speaking, your mob. What does your average week look like?

Kathryn Weber: Oh, gosh. You know, here’s the thing. I have a fabulous assistant who’s in Albany, so your neck of the woods and I always fuss at here, because she’ll send me an email, it’s four o’clock my time and five o’clock her time and I’m always saying “ Hey, you know it’s five o’clock there don’t you?”

My week is actually pretty typical in terms of work hours, I really do walk my talk in Feng Shui, and one of the important things, that the concept of Feng Shui is having that balance in your life, and even though I’m a business person, when I come to my desk, I don’t fart around shopping on Amazon, or Haut Looks or whatever, I’m not messing around, I’m getting work done. I get in my seat at eight thirty, and I’m not kidding, people laugh at me, I get fully dressed, makeup, everything, just like I’m going to a job, because I am going to a job.

I go downstairs in my home, I pick up my handbag, put my cell phone in it and I walk up the stairs, that’s my commute. I walk up the stairs to my big office with the desk in the middle of the room and the whole nine yards, when I’m there my behind is planted in that chair until around four o’clock and then I’m off. I go out for a walk, I go run some errands, I do whatever I want. But my average week is really from about eight thirty until three thirty to four, and you will never catch me texting or emailing business stuff after five or on the weekends.

My time, my personal time is my personal time. I have a pretty average, I think workweek. Now does that mean I need to take an appointment to get new eyeglasses or something like that, ya I sneak that it in a week, so my average week is pretty much a regular workweek.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, I do the same thing. I try to, I need to get out earlier in the day, like two o’clock. Like I got to walk Mr. Poodle or something and get some air, but I am a shoemaker’s child who always goes barefoot. I don’t always get dressed up every day, even though I’m in the style business, however I know that once I leave to do something, I just layer it up and pull it together and put on my shoes.

I just always work barefoot, it’s the weirdest thing. I have like hundreds of pairs of shoes. But I always work barefoot, I just know that I can always layer it up and there I’m pulled together. I think it’s the thing. I swivel around on my chair all day. It’s like I don’t know…I’m always like comfortable and what I’m comfortable wearing at home. But you know I’m not wearing like somebody’s old t-shirt, it’s still good pieces, its casual. But it’s good pieces…

Kathryn Weber: Uh huh.

Sharon Haver: For a lot of people who work from home, they don’t understand that. That when you are wearing like the free t-shirts that you got at the carburetor place, you know, it just sucks out your energy. You know you need…

Kathryn Weber: It does.

Sharon Haver: Treat it like a job. You know I’ve had an assistant that used to come here and he’d be on Facebook all day.  And I’m like no honey, you are working. Like you could Facebook your friends later. It’s like when you’re working.

Katherine Weber: Exactly.

Sharon Haver: You’re working. You know if you need to get up every twenty minutes to take a little two-minute break, that’s fine. But you need to stay in the zone if you want to mean business.

Kathryn Weber: Absolutely. I agree with you a thousand percent.  And I’m not just stuck in a suit or dress or anything like that. If I’m in casual business and I’m in casual business attire.

Sharon Haver: You look polished. You know I think looking polished, it sets the tone for your mind. Even days when I’d go work out and I’m still wearing my exercise clothes, I still try to at a certain point, it doesn’t stay too long, I try.  

And when it does, I know there’s something I’m doing that’s wrong. I know that when I’m still sitting there in like workout clothes, and I’m like oh my God, I can’t I have taken a shower yet there is something really wrong in my day or my business. That has happened and it’s like that’s the signal that we’ve got to fix that. That’s not the way you work.


Kathryn Weber: No, I don’t think it is either. And I think it is important to be dressed up and be like… the people who know me think it’s very funny that, you know I carry my handbag up to my office..

Sharon Haver: I carry my handbag to my desk too because I always have a credit card you need for something, my other pair of glasses, there’s always something in there I need. Lipstick.

Kathryn Weber: But you don’t go. Do you go anywhere Sharon without your handbag? I mean

Sharon Haver: No. my husband is always laughing. He’s going, “What’s this big deal, you wouldn’t need just to take your phone?”  I’m like naked without my handbag. I don’t know, it’s part of me. It’s attached.

But I want to bring up something, because that’s a good segway. When we were doing that pre-call and we went over a few things. You taught me something about handbags, which I had no idea, which I was lucky enough to have. I knew nothing about it but, to me it’s fascinating. So when it comes to a woman’s handbag, tell me about color and what it means.

Kathryn Weber: Oh gosh, it’s so many things about handbags. It’s so much Feng shui around handbags. I mean everything, oh gosh…Sharon it makes me so excited you’re asking about this.

Sharon Haver: I’m sure everyone listening in will too.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, you know, so there are certain colors that are more affluent than others.  I think about how I had… so everybody calls me Katie and I had a great-aunt Katie and she was a very well to do woman. And one of the things she always carried, without fail, was a red wallet. So in that handbag she had a red wallet. Not a black wallet, not a blue wallet, not a beige one, a red one.

Red is such a powerful color for women. It is so, so good for women because it energizes them. Women, we’re yin creatures and we need that yang energy from the fire of our handbags. And by having a wallet or a handbag or purse in an auspicious color. You energize your wallet. 

Sharon Haver: You energize your whole purse.

Kathryn Weber: One of the things I really hate to see and I see in the South or the West, and obviously a lot down here in Texas, and that is a lot of women have these handbags that have a cross with rhinestones on it.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, I have a place in Wyoming that I’m very familiar with, Coral West and Boot Barn. The bling.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with a little western bling. Here’s the thing though. What is the sign with the two fingers that somebody holds up whenever they see a vampire? They make a sign of the cross. I always tell women, whenever they have a purse with a cross on it, that’s saying money stay away. Yeah, money stay away!  

Well what do we want money to do?  We want it to come to us. We want it to be friendly to us. So one of the ways we do that is by carrying a handbag that is an energizing bag and a red one is an excellent one.

Black is particularly powerful. Black is the color of money, and wealth, and prestige. Black is the deepest color of water. And water is wealth. So black handbags, blue handbags are very auspicious so are gold and red. Now you don’t often see women carrying yellow handbags or beige, sometimes beige handbags.

But you want to have colors that are bright, and clear and rich looking colors. So definitely color is really important. You told me that you have a black handbag with a blue lining.

Sharon Haver: I have two. No, it’s really crazy. I have two, first of all I have a red handbag with a little bit of gold hardware. I’m not much of a hardware girl. I wear that all the time, it’s like my favorite bag.

But then my tote bag, is um, I don’t know if you’re coming next week, but you’ll see me. This is my new, favorite bag. It’s black and has a French blue suede lining. I got a black bag with a blue lining because my other bag, which is from a different designer, coincidentally is also a black bag with a blue lining. But that one has silver hardware and I know you think gold is better than silver for that kind of energy. But yes, I have two black bags with blue linings and I have one red bag with gold trim. So I’m good. My wallet is blue…

Kathryn Weber: That’s excellent.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, I used to have a red wallet. Now my wallet is kind of that blue jean blue.

Kathryn Weber: That’s really good for 2017. A little heads up for 2017.

Sharon Haver: My wallet? My blue wallet?

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, yeah. Lots of blue next year. Lots of blue. Good for money, good for relationships and good for health.

Sharon Haver: So let me ask you something really important about style because you were saying how black is the color of power. And black is I think just on a style standpoint, very chic.

Like you can’t go wrong in something that’s black. You always look elegant; you always look classy. And I know so many people, and this is my pet peeve. They go to these color analysts who come up with like what season they should wear and these janky weird, ugly colors and they say never wear black. Black is bad. Wear these creepy colors I just pulled for you. And I’m like, geez come on lady. Black…

Kathryn Weber: You know creepy colors…

Sharon Haver: Yeah, black is like forever. You know and when you were just saying black is powerful, give me a little bit on the Feng shui, how black, you know, how it matters. What the significance is…


Kathryn Weber: Yeah, black is the power color for women. White is the power color for men. Now women should never shy away from wearing black at all.

Sharon Haver: Unless they’re single.

Kathryn Weber: And I can talk about that a little bit. But black is a very powerful… if you think about water. Water overcomes everything. Think about a tsunami. Think about floods.

When water goes over, like the tsunamis that hit Japan, it took everything. The asphalt, the trees, it was like it’s wiped clean. And water has that power.  And in business, the color of business is gold and black. Black and gold are very powerful…

Sharon Haver: Hear that ladies! I don’t mean to interrupt you. Gold and black and you also said red before. Especially ladies that are speakers and you’re walking in with creepy regional colors…no. Go for the power. Go for chic.

Kathryn Weber: Absolutely. And the other thing is white. White is very powerful in a different way. It has an attractive quality about it. Especially for men. So whenever women are in power situations or important meetings where there are a lot of men, or male dominated, they should wear white.

Because white is a male color. And the way that you can think about this, and this is how I always explain color in Feng shui, is that when you look at a bride and groom they’re the perfect Feng shui. The man is yang and he’s wearing a yin black tux, and the bride is yin and she’s wearing a yang white dress. Right, and everybody stands up when the bride walks in. Everybody pays attention. That white color commands attention. So when you have to stand out in a room, what is more glorious on women than winter white?

Sharon Haver: And an affair with the dry cleaner.

Kathryn Weber: Yes, and that would be the only problem.

Sharon Haver: I actually have a lot of winter white and I find that what’s funny is when I wear white like that, I’m more careful during the day. And it just doesn’t get as filthy as you think. You’re just more conscious of where you’re leaning your elbow and what you’re doing. So you do respect and honor the color.

Kathryn Weber: Oh absolutely. You know, but white is a very powerful color. So white, black and red, those are the colors that I would call the trifecta of power.

Sharon Haver: And they’re my favorite colors.  Add some metallic to it, nice metal… I’m happy. So let me ask you something.

Kathryn Weber: Absolutely.

Sharon Haver: If someone wanted to make their week more amazing, what’s the one thing they can do right now to kind of have a more amazing week to incorporate what you were talking about and to have a deeper Feng shui?

What would be the one thing that they could say… because I think you can’t focus on too many things at one time even though we’d like to be all shiny objects. What one thing can someone do this week to incorporate Feng shui into their life, their home, their clothing, their work environment.

Kathryn Weber: Well you know, I kind of want to go back a little bit to the handbag. Can we talk about handbags and then the home?  We’ll cover the h-squared. In handbags, we women need to stay very organized. We need to keep our handbags organized. And that’s very important, don’t throw money, like change, don’t throw it in the bottom of your handbag. And never throw candy wrappers and that kind of thing in your handbag. Don’t treat it like a trashcan. You know, you will find someone with handbags with cookie crumbs in the bottom and that kind of thing.

It’s very important that you treat your handbag with respect and your wallet with respect because that is the financial symbol of your life; your handbag and your wallet.

So keep them organized and watch the clutter. Try to trim down all the credit cards to just a few that you use and that you absolutely love and that you use often and then not. Because you don’t want to have one of those wallets that likes flaps open and there’s 44 credit cards coming out. Get your financial house in order in your handbag. And that will spill out into your life. That will bring financial benefits outward in your life by organizing your financial life as well.

Now, in your home, you know that old saying, get your house in order, well it’s true. If you can get your house in order, you can get your life in order. One of the important things that I like to do is make sure there is a place for everything. That everything in your home has a spot. So for instance, some people in your home lose their bills. And we have a bill basket. It’s a really small basket.  It’s about six inches wide and about five inches deep. It’s a small basket and why, I want to keep my bills small. Keep my money big and keep my bills small.

And always stick your bills in there. Little simple things like keeping some order, instituting in your life keeping as much order as you can, you’re just going to move through your day.  You’re not going to be like where are my keys, what did I do with my this? If you have a place where your keys go and your handbag goes, your wallet, your sunglasses and so on, and you can get in and out of the door without pulling your hair out, screaming at the kids, “What did you do with my?,” and that kind of thing, it’s going to make a big difference.


Sharon Haver: And doing it with keys is so important. Especially with men. I know they come in and put their keys somewhere. You know that’s your key spot. You can’t get locked out of your house. You always go to that spot.

Kathryn Weber: Exactly. You’re exactly right. The other thing to remember, especially when it comes to your home, and your financial life… I focus a lot on finances because I find that you know, everything is magnified by money. Problems, when you have financial problems and money difficulties, everything else is magnified by that.  

And it’s all seen through that lens of your finances. And what I want everybody to remember is that broken equals broke. So if you have something broken, whatever is broken in your house that represents broke energy. And every time you see that faucet that you have not gotten a new washer on or haven’t tightened up. And you see that money dripping, or that water dripping, that’s money. When you have leaking water in your house you have leaking money. There’s money that’s going away.

That’s critical because looking at your house, how is this impacting my life? How does this send a ripple out in my day-to-day living? So it’s very important we’re looking at our homes as an extension of ourselves. Because our body holds our spirit. But our home holds our body. So it’s just another extension of us.

Sharon Haver: How does this apply to people’s offices or home offices? Because that’s where you’re doing business all day.

Kathryn Weber: Oh gosh. Absolutely, you know it’s so important. What’s very interesting to me what I see with entrepreneurs, especially home entrepreneurs, is that often where do they put their desk? Against a wall. Why do they do that?

Because that’s where the cords are. I always tell people, pull your desk out. Because the opportunities that will come to you, come from the front of the desk.  It doesn’t come from behind. And the thing that comes from behind, what do we think of? Sneaky, sulking characters in movies, sneaking up on people. Also when things come up from behind, it’s never a good thing. Like they say don’t stand with your back to the ocean, it’s the same kind of thing.

If you want opportunities to come to you, you’ve got to pull out your desk from the wall, put it out into the room and make it so the opportunity can come to the front of your desk and come directly straight to you. Straight on to you. That’s why we face the ocean. We’re creating an open space. There’s a saying in China, you can’t fill a full cup. That means if there’s no room for anymore, and if there’s no room in front of your desk, no opportunity can come there.


Sharon Haver: I’m lucky because I have a granite desk and it’s facing out. I need seven men to move my desk. But there’s also something I don’t understand. I get this horrible feeling of being claustrophobic working at a desk that’s facing a wall. I need to have whatever is in front of me, pretty and open and colorful.

Something that pleases the eyes so when you do go away from your computer and your eye wanders or travels you just focus on a shape of a chair that’s beautiful or a picture or a book or a family photo or whatever it is. Me, being that I don’t face a window, I need to have a room around me that is beautiful, that is open and inspiring and free-flowing.

When I go to someone else’s house and they’ll pick a desk and it’s like in their bedroom of all places and it’s pushed up against the wall. It’s such bad energy. I don’t know how you could do that.

Kathryn Weber: Great point. And I love what you said and the word you used was inspiring.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, it has to be.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, it does. And you have look around your office and say does this inspire me? Do I like being here?

Sharon Haver: You can’t work in a tan office and face the wall and expect to be creative. You’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

Kathryn Weber: Exactly. Yeah, so definitely having an area of… I also like a defined space.  Now a lot of people who have laptop can travel. They can do business from anywhere. I can’t. I actually have to have a designated space. A designated place, that this is where I work. Otherwise what happens is, our business coach, we have the same business coach, she says you pollute your whole home if you have your office in there. I absolutely do not believe that at all. I don’t think you must have, you can have your home office and still have your home.

Sharon Haver: Yeah, it’s my office. You don’t go here at ten o’clock at night unless you really need to do something that’s urgent. It’s the office. You pick up your bag… I mean I live in a loft. I don’t walk out of my bedroom and turn left if I’m not working. Why would I? It’s a room. It’s an open room because it’s an open space concept, but it’s a room.

Kathryn Weber: And you’re not letting that room dictate what the rest of the house does.

Sharon Haver: No, this is the office. It doesn’t have a door, but it’s an office. I mean I slam an imaginary door at times. But what you said about having a space is interesting because I know, I’m starting a video quick tip series and I find for me, when I’m doing business, I’m at my desktop and I’m doing business. If I have to write a friendly email to someone, I can’t write it on this computer. I need to take my laptop, sit on the couch, curl my legs up and go into like friend mode.

And then it comes out instantly. It’s not, this is my work space and I can’t be chirpy and cheerful in my workspace when writing a business email. I need to be in my friendly space. It’s weird. It’s a subconscious thing I was doing. One day I’m like, this is amazing. I can’t write friendly emails when I’m sitting at my chair staring at my desktop. I’ve got to go over there where I can be talking to my friends and writing it.

Kathryn Weber: That’s so important that you know your style too. If your home bleeds over into your work, and your work bleeds over into your home, and you’re unhappy with that, then definitely you should take steps to correct it.

But you’ve got to figure out which environment you’re going to be most productive. If I can work at a bank vault all day, I’d be happy. You know like somebody turned the dial and locked me in until four o’clock and then I come out and go, oh great, everything’s done. I’m happy as a clam.

Sharon Haver: No, I am too. I have to be in my space. That’s where my work space is. I’m getting it done. I tried when I first got my laptop, taking it to coffee shops and no, I’ll leave that to the cool girls in Williamsburg. I cannot like work with my laptop. Anywhere. It doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t happen.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, and I’ll invariably be annoyed by someone clicking their pen next to me.

Sharon Haver: Or I’ll get a create blank and be like why, I don’t understand. I walked all the way here. Sometimes I’ll be at a hotel with this really cool workspace in it, and sometimes I walk over there and meet my assistant there really when I need a total break. But it’s like maybe every three months. It’s the only place I’ve ever been able to go and put my feet up and actually work. But it’s like a decision to go to the mall, you know. Otherwise I’ve got to be in my office.

Kathryn Weber: Totally get it. Yeah. Me too, I’m the exact same way. I need to be in my office but yeah, everybody has to figure out their work style and what works for them. But, here’s what I want to say, your bedroom is so important. And you touched on this just a little bit ago Sharon, and I was like glad that you did, because I wanted to say kudos to you for bringing it about people who work in their bedroom. There’s one place where you should never ever work. And that is your bedroom.

Bedroom is for rest and romance. That’s where you go to reconnect with your partner/wife, where you to recharge, to re-energize yourself and to rest. So that’s definitely not the place to put the treadmill. It’s not the place to put floor to ceiling pictures of your kids. I always say, the only pictures to belong in a bedroom, are the people who live in that bedroom. With the exception of children, parent’s pictures in a child’s bedroom is actually very beneficial and gives them a sense of security. And parents can suddenly exert their sense of parental authority.

Your bedroom is so important and too many of us look at our tablets and laptops and our cellphones and we do work from our bed.  And then we kind of pollute that whole atmosphere for romance. And also for rest too. Science backs me up on that. It’s not a good idea to be looking at led lights from your tablet or your laptop while you’re trying to rest and wind down for the evening.


Sharon Haver: Or you start hearing those beeps in the middle of the night. It’s like aaargh. I used to have some overseas people and they would just start texting me and I’m like it’s three in the morning. You can email me. Once I hear that ping, I’m up. And that’s it. It keeps calling me and it needs to be no, no, far away from you. So you can rest.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, absolutely. So important that you can have a space that you can really just connect. I know a lot of people who charge their iPhones, or their cell phones, from the bed. I would even say try to take that out. Really just put your phone away. Try to. you know if you need to have access for health reasons or emergencies or that kind of thing.

Sharon Haver: We both have 17-year-old kids so I know I’ve gotten into this habit of when he’s out I just charge it next to the bed. God forbid there’s an emergency. I will hear it. But if he’s not out, no it’s not there.

Kathryn Weber: Yeah, I totally understand that and completely agree with you. There are some times when you absolutely do need to have it. Try to minimize its impact on you.

Sharon Haver: I hide it under the bedside table so I don’t have that crazy overseas person calling me anymore. Basically I put it there and wake up and, oh he’s home. And Mr. Poodle barks, and yup he came home. And there’s the alarm.


Kathryn Weber: Exactly, exactly. Bedrooms, I think if everybody can make sure. Here’s another thing and I’m stunned. I was at a conference and I gave a talk to single women and it was how to meet a man. And when I asked everyone in the room, how many women had a headboard on their bed? About 20-25% put their hands up. Do you know what that means? 75 or 88% didn’t have a headboard on their beds. And I can’t say enough about, and I’ve worked with clients in Palm Springs, in Beverly Hills. very very well off people. And they can afford a headboard, yet they can’t decide, they are unsure.

One woman had an argument with her husband, couldn’t decide, didn’t pick one out. It’s so important that we explain we are supported when we are sleeping. Do you remember the old Palmolive commercial? You’re soaking in it. When you’re in your bedroom you’re soaking in it. You’re soaking in whatever energy is in the room. It really has the greatest impact on you. Your bedroom and your front door. They are two vital areas that have Feng shui.

Sharon Haver: So what does it mean when you have an elevator door on your floor? I always feel like it’s letting in bad energy.

Kathryn Weber: Um, it really depends where it is in relationship to your front door.

Sharon Haver: That is the front door. I have an elevator. To me it’s like a bad energy door. We argue about it. It should open to the elevator. So it’s based on absolutely nothing. I don’t have any background in it, it’s just instinct telling me there should be a door over an elevator.

Kathryn Weber: I think a proper door is important because you do need to have a symbolic barrier between you and the rest of the world. Yeah, I would agree with you 100% on that one.

Sharon Haver: So single ladies need to have headboards.

Kathryn Weber: Everybody needs to have a headboard.

Sharon Haver: And anything else because we’re almost to the end of this. Anything else that they need to know right now. Tell us what you’re working on or what you’re excited about. Any other ways that they can come and find out more about you because you have so much information. I could go on for three hours now, but I’m trying to keep to our time.

Kathryn Weber: That’s really sweet of you.

Sharon Haver: You are such a wealth of information. What do you want to leave with and how can people get more of you because you are full of such juicy life hacks to up your energy and have success come to you, and who doesn’t want that?

Kathryn Weber: I can’t imagine, I’m sure there is someone out there. I haven’t come across that person yet though. But people can definitely find me on Facebook, on facebook.com/fengshuiKatie, all one word. I usually put a tip up there on Facebook everyday so lots of good Feng Shui deliciousness on a daily basis. And on a weekly basis I’ve been publishing my e-zine for over 700 issues. Rain or shine for the last 15 years, no matter all the circumstances of my life, my husband’s broken leg, my son’s open heart surgery, nothing happens that I don’t send out my newsletter every Wednesday. Rain or shine.

If someone wants to sign up for that then they will be in the Red Lotus letter family. They can sign up at Redlotus.com. It’s just like it sounds red is the color, lotus the flower.

Sharon Haver: And let me say one thing, we say Feng shui, it’s spelled ‘Feng’ f-e-n-g  s-h-u-i, two words.  So it’s Fengshuikatie on Facebook.

Kathryn Weber: Two words.

Sharon Haver: I find all this stuff so fascinating. You know if you’re not a believer in all of it. You know in inspiration, go with your gut, feel it. When something is feeling stagnated, something is feeling not right, think of why. Maybe there’s a bigger reason and this could be one of them. Maybe people are onto it and they didn’t know. Katie is your gal to teach you so you’ll know!


Kathryn Weber: And Sharon I just want to say, you know, for anyone – people will tell me, “I don’t believe in Feng Shui.” I go I don’t either!  And they look at me. Feng shui is not a belief, it’s a technique.

Sharon Haver: Do you get any resistance from people on this? What is your greatest resistance if you’re not feeling it.

Kathryn Weber: Great question. People believe they have to stretch their intellectual capacity for unseen energy moving throughout a room. And when I explain there’s an unseen river of energy that’s holding your feet to the floor called gravity. There’s unseen rivers of energy that’s making your cell phone ring or bringing you Pandora.

There’s unseen little balls of energy that bounce around in a steel box that makes your coffee hot. It’s called a microwave. When you talk about unseen rivers of energy that flows through a space and it can actually impact your life, it’s really not such a far stretch. And when you explain that logic to them, that that’s what we’re talking about, energy’s moving through space that can’t be seen, that’s not such a stretch anymore.


Sharon Haver: True, I don’t know I just think everyone needs to be open to little signals in their life that could just make you feel better. And it’s just that this is something you haven’t spent a few moments thinking about or knowing about. Maybe even more than anyone else, should go see Katie Weber. And if you have, you don’t need the girls to explain it to you. You say that you’ve been doing your newsletter for 15 years. I started FocusOnStyle in 1999. I’m only a little bit behind. There’s a lot of stuff on your site too.

Kathryn Weber: Virtual high-five. And here we are.

Sharon Haver: That’s right and we’re still going. Never say die.

Kathryn Weber: Absolutely. Still going and growing.

Sharon Haver: So thank you and everyone if you want to know more about Katie, and you should go to Redlotusflower.com. There’s also two ways to connect with her right on the top and the side. Other than that facebook.com/fengshuikatie. That was it right?


Kathryn Weber: That’s it.

Sharon Haver: I said Feng not fung…

Kathryn Weber: That’s okay, whatever gets you there.

Sharon Haver: Whatever gets me there. And thank you so much for being here. It’s been great, it’s been delightful, I hope I get to see you next week.

And thank-you. Go see Katie, and I don’t know about you, we’ve really had some great tips this year. You’re going to want to listen to this again and again. See you soon and thanks for being here. Bye-bye.

0:49:32.0  End of Interview

Announcer: That’s a wrap, well not so fast. Don’t forget to hop over to focusonstyle.com for exclusive content to help you live your most amazing life with style and success. For even more great stuff that Sharon only shares by email, subscribe to her in-the-know list at www.focusonstyle.com/insiders.

See you next time!

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