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  • Flighty Beauty: The Bird Poop Facial

    Flighty Beauty: The Bird Poop Facial

    Nightingale droppings for better skin are a geisha secret!?

    When you thought you have heard of almost everything and you really believe in the theory of six degrees of separation, the strange can be a little close to home. I was on the edge of my seat to see the Talk Soup Clip of the Week for the Bird Poop Facial aka the Geisha Facial first seen on CNN.


    Not weird enough?


    Leave it to me to know the bird poop guinea pig, Mindy Lubell.


    Mindy and I have discussed beauty treatments before, but why this I ask?


    Why not? Mindy says, I’ve been going to the Shizuka Spa in New York for years. It’s an excellent spa and I heard about this new facial process so I thought I would give it a try.


    Ok, there are all sorts of weird and wacky miracle ingredients in beauty today, so how did Nightingale droppings feel- a secret ingredient used by Japanese kabuki actors and geishas to remove makeup?


    It felt great. I just did it once… it’s a little skin tightening, a little lightening. Included in the treatment is an outstanding collagen mask that’s really cleansing, really great, It’s just a good thing, adds Mindy.


    Ok, Mindy. We’ll take your word on this one.


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