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  • Must Have Alert: THE blouse of the moment, is a French Chic Bow Blouse à la Ines de La Fressange

    Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014 - Chanel - Arrivals and Front Row

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: A classic chic pussy bow blouse that looks fresh and edgy

    I can sometimes have a real love/hate attitude with pussy bow blouses (sounds odd, I know).

    Same styling, different vibe with the rockerr chic Saint Laurent Tie Neck Blouse

    Same styling, different vibe with the rocker chic Saint Laurent Tie Neck Blouse

    When done right, they look modern, chic and feminine.

    Even rocker-ISH, just look at the tie neck styling from Saint Laurent in red worn with skinny leather leggings as a premier example, pictured right.

    Yet, taken too literal, or styled too femininely, they can get frumpy and look dated like a castaway from Rosalynn Carter’s First Lady days.

    Caveat: If you remember when the Carter’s were in office, keep the look light and easy on this go round.

    Here’s the thing, the big bow blouse is a fall must-have and does look rather chic, especially to fresh eyes.

    So let’s leave it to French chic muse Ines de La Fressange, pictured above and below,  to wear it just so and take her very stylish lead. You did love her way of layering necklaces and wearing a menswear jacket, right?

    >>Lot’s more: French chic styling tips

    OK,  let’s get inspired…

    What you want to consider in balancing the über feminine bow styling with something a little “tougher’ and lean to avoid the 70s “power bow” reference.

    Like ankle baring skinny pants (a show of ankle is very chic and keeps the look from getting stuffy) or leather pants.

    Another styling trick that works so well, is the way La Ines belts her cardigan to create a more shapely silhouette. Try belting your coat too!

    BTW: Do notice that shirt tales are worn out… back to getting that edge.

    On a side note, please notice all her navy choices too. Blue is the new black this year. Beige worn with blue is no longer conservative but classic, especially the open knit worn over “nude.” See, it sounds more exciting already.

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    Ines De La Fressange shows you the Right way to wear a bow blouse, are you game for one?

    Ines De La Fressange shows you the Right way to wear a bow blouse, are you game for one?

    Back to the future again, as kitten heels are making a very STRONG comeback.

    Doesn’t Ines de La Fressange look  great in hers? Think about it, shoes you can walk in all day. Sweet & chic.

    Ahhhh, and to top it off, the major pièce de résistance is that snappy beret.  Don’t you love it?

    Tell me in the comments below if you will be adding a pussy bow blouse to your wardrobe? Can’t wait to hear.

    We pulled some pretty pussy bow blouses and berets for you to try:




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