Two to watch from Paris Fashion Week: Audra & Andrew Gn Spring 2014

Andrew Gn Spring 2014 & Audra Spring 2014
Andrew  Gn Spring 2014 & Audra Spring 2014
Andrew Gn Spring 2014 & Audra Spring 2014

Ohh la la, you will love these stunners from Paris Fashion Week

Richard‘s foray around  Paris continues with two stops at Andrew Gn and Audra. Two collections that may not be on the tip of your tongues just yet but surely will.

You may remember the sculptural chic black and white gown by Andew Gn that Elizabeth Moss wore to the Emmy’s last week. It’s simplicity was a red carpet standout

Audra, will be a name to watch. It’s hard not to go gaga over anything from Lanvin. Alber Elbaz is the crown jewel of the fashion house. Audra trained there. You can see the dramatic influence in her first collection. Let’s have Richard take it away… S.H.

 Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014: Andrew Gn & Audra

Andrew Gn – Spring 2014

Andrew Gn Spring 2014
Andrew Gn Spring 2014

Sunday morning was the Andrew Gn show, a Singaporean designer who is very hot right now.


Andrew Gn Spring 2014
Andrew Gn Spring 2014

Like many designers before him including Yves St. Laurent, Andrew’s inspiration this season was his favorite contemporary artists. He brilliantly translated these influences to the runway with Matisse and Picasso with a series of outfits exemplifying their most recognizable works, including Picasso’s guitars and eyes, and Matisse’s birds.

andrew gn2

You could absolutely also see the YSL influence. Another strong element of the collection, which I loved, were the graphic black and white Escher like prints on skirts and dresses depicting the urban landscape.

andrew gn4

All white and black and white were also prevalent in the feminine, body conscious collection, which showed a lot of leg with short skirt lengths and shorts well above the knee.

andrew gn5

A small collection of evening gowns at the end had a Greek influence to them with fitted bodices and flowing chiffon on the bottom.

Audra – Spring 2014audra3

Last Friday morning I received an email from one of my blog readers inviting me to an American friend of hers show.

Her name was Audra and it was her first collection after training at Lanvin for a while. It’s always a thrill to see new young designers starting out.


All white seems to be the thrust of many collections this season and Audra sent a series of playful pants and jumpsuits down the runway in a warehouse space in the trendy northern Marais. Men’s tailoring also played a part in some of the opening pieces. Some of the more daring looks were the long all sheer dresses and pants.

When the models turned, the backs had fantastic details giving the clothes extra dimension. I also loved the styling of the show especially the fabulous shoes.
Audra Spring 2014The collection was very conceptual and definitely for the more fashion forward customer. I think Audra is a bright new talent and I look forward to seeing more of her collections in the upcoming seasons.

Tell me, what do you think about these two collections? — Richard Nahem

Photos: Richard Nahem



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