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  • How To Get In Alignment With Who You Are To Get The Results You Want With Iconic Moments [Video]

    Be the face of your brand

    You know something’s off but not sure what it is…

    You know you need to get in alignment with who you are to get the results you want…

    But getting out there and stepping up can be confusing and scary…

    Don’t worry, here’s…

    What you can do to STOP hiding and BE the face of your brand!

    I was there once. I hid behind my business and didn’t represent because I was insecure and scared to be vulnerable.

    Truth be told, it was because the climate back in 1999 when I founded was not about personal brands but more about online magazines. Ironic, since the site developed from my personal style advice column that was distributed to 400 newspapers.

    Then – there was the shift.

    Women entrepreneurs were front and center pimping their coaching services with mega branding shoots.

    It never felt right for me.

    But as I shifted from just fashion & style to leverage the style of how I successfully run my business, I knew I had to get out in front of my brand.

    All that fancy, fantasy personal branding stuff still didn’t feel right for me… especially since I spent 15 years on advertising & editorial photo shoots.

    Lucky for me (and you), I discovered that being real is where it is at!

    The mega branding shoot is dating itself out.

    People relate to real people.

    As a matter of fact, Forbes reports that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content.

    We get vulnerable being real– but the biggest mistake you can make is relying on ONE branding shoot to carry you through your business. (Or ignoring it altogether). First of all, that’s incredibly expensive! IAL

    Expensive in the price of the shoot and expensive in the audience you are turning off. Yikes!

    Second of all, it’s not the real you and you aren’t being genuine.

    People respond to genuine people. To business owners who show up, as themselves (albeit slightly aspirational), and show off what they’re really like.

    But how can you do that?

    How can you walk the line of being authentic, yet still aspirational with a brand that aligns with the true you?

    You HAVE TO find your ICONIC MOMENTS. But what is that? What is an Iconic Moment?

    An iconic moment is something you create for yourself, to give you inspiration to create your brand, your photos and elevate your business. Create your iconic moments using Pinterest boards — whether it be STYLE, FONTS, PEOPLE, MESSAGE,  BRANDS etc.

    HAVE FUN! Create a different pinterest board for each type of mood or design that you’d like to create. Use a system, find what inspires you…

    But don’t overthink it! Start with whatever first comes to mind and go from there. Follow your instincts, let your natural interests take the lead. If you start to overthink then you’ll spend too much time THINKING and not enough time being INSPIRED.

    Find what is in your heart and in your style. Don’t let your true feelings go unnoticed! Look at movies, ads, magazines and people you know. You’ll start to see similarities as you put these inspirational mood boards together, these ‘Iconic Moments’. You’ll create your OWN icon!


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