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  • Getting Gifty- Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory is way too cool to discover new products


    More from New York Fashion Week with the best insider’s luxe sampling retreat. Check out the brands…

    What could be better than some time to try new products and a yummy lunch?

    Look no further for beauty touch-ups and a bit of swag at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory. My editor in chief and FocusOnStyle founder, Sharon Haver and ! made a NYFW pit stop and I even made another! Here are some of my fave finds….

    For the ultimate in bag hags…

    I had a cab encounter last night. I had to search in my mountainous Birkin for my wallet. Well, anyone with a Birkin knows you loose everything in it’s oversized and unorganized chic-nes. It took me about 10 minutes to find my wallet and pay the cab…not anymore!

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    I have found the coolest bag organizing product that can organize even keep Lauren Arpel in check with her drag queen nails! It’s called PurseN.

    Hardeep Melamed designed PurseN, with your very own Birkin bag in mind. This purse organizer will unclutter your constant disarray! The colors and styles of the purse inserts range from pucci-style prints to multi-colored leopard; and for the Donatella in you, pink python.

    The tiara jewelry case can store more jewelry then your housekeeper can steal! Just drop it in your bag and go with compartments for everything. You can pick these treasures up at

    Hold all that in…

    I came across Body Wrap shapewear and am in love with the Sheer Iridescent collection. You all know how Sharon and I scream loud and clear about undergarment disasters!

    The biggest mistake you girls make is that undergarment shapes are not for only for curvy girls, they are for skinny girls too. This product gives you immediate results, creating a slimmer, toned figure. See their products at

    Jeans, love ’em vintage…

    Vintage Revolution men’s jeans

    Think vintage, like in really cool jeans. I discovered these jeans last fall and live in them. Vintage Revolution is more than jeans. A third-generation, premium denim family founded the company! What rocks about these jeans is the fit. They’re for both men and women. My metro sexual friends tested them for me last fall. They all own a few pairs.

    Bling me, baby….

    Editor Sharon Haver and I came across this line: Chelsea Taylor. We both come from a different point of view when it comes to wearable jewelry! She was drawn to the more minimalistic sculptural, downtown pieces; where I was dazzled by the big chunky, in-your-face, gotta-have-them side of things. Taylor’s 70’s and 80′ glamour collection rocks the rocks! Your going to love this one, trust me:

    And how was your day?

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