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  • Fashion Mistakes That Wreck Our Nerves, Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 29


    In another hilarious video episode, Sharon & Brad may continue to be wrecking each other’s nerves, but have yet another 10 fugly fashion mistakes, plus two bonus fashion fright that collectively wreck their fashion nerves?

    Can you believe that Sharon even got Brad to answer in a Yiddish accent? Oy, the poodle was even hysterical!

    You thought Part 1 was nasty, well darlings, Part 2 will keep you in stitches…

    WATCH Fashion Mistakes That Wreck Our Nerves, Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 29:

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    The next 10 fashion mistakes that wreck our nerves (today). You’ll have to watch the video to hear why…

    1. The “Early Bird Special” or “The Buffet Heel,” aka, a low square, wide, heel sandal. SHOP: Stylish Low Heels

    2. How to Tuck it! Crumpling your shirt into pants.

    3. Logo Hags– Drecked out in somebody else’s logo.

    4. Pleated, khacki cuffed shorts. Oy, there is a reason why the pleat went away. Avoid the too much information act with too short shorts. READ: The good, the bad and the ugly shorts

    5. Scrunchies and hair accessories. Brad and baretttes are NOT a good match. Sharon can’t handle bumpits and claws! READ: Evergreen Hate of Scrunchies

    6. The droopy shoulder so you look like you don’t even want to leave the house. No not an off-shoulder top, but a top needs to fit neatly across your shoulder.

    7. The tent dress- yes, it can work on a 92-pound starlet but most women look, like well, a tent. It’s about balance and proportion.

    8. Hair in all the wrong places— Mustaches on women, chest hair growing wild on men, hair hipster guys..

    9. Hoodies worn up unless you are robbing a bank or its freezing.

    10. Dressing like the person you live with– looking like the person you co-habitat with… too cute, is not cute!

    BONUS 11. Frayed hems on jeans. Make sure it mimics a natural fray and looks organic.

    BONUS 12: Guys in Chains… Yes, that’s why Brad is wearing the diamonds!

    Sharon is wearing a Jil Sander dress and a vintage Monet neckalce, her own of course!

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