GOSSIP GIRL Jewelry, Mama knows best when it comes to gorgeous baubles…

Badgley/Sneed Designs

Gossip Girl jewelry

What’s utterly divine, rich with intrigue, terribly chic, and quite addictive? “Gossip Girl,” of course! As well as its mama-lode of fabulous jewels.

Frequently seen on the hit television show are some of the most fantastic rocks of genuine precious and semi-precious stones and cultured freshwater pearls in combination with mostly 14K or 18K gold findings. It’s very uptown chic, so these necklaces fit the bill of elegance. And, they just happen to be have a pedigree that is very close to home…

The “Gossip Girl” jewelry we love is from Badgley / Sneed Designs, the design duo that by chance is Penn Badgely‘s mom, Lynne Murphy Badgley and his godmother, Jan Sneed. Oh, yes Penn’s real life girlfriend Blake Lively shows her support too. While the connection may be all in the family the necklaces are a cut above, so please excuse our obvious pandering to celebrity chic, Badgley / Sneed Designs’ stand on their own in elegance, but a little famous nepotism never hurt anyone.

The original jewelry pieces are designed to be both high quality and affordable with an emphasis ontimeless and modern unique necklace styles that appeal to stylish women of all ages. Personal style is all in the mix…

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–December 6, 2008