Retail Remedy: Paris Christmas Windows Tap Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld dresses up the windows

Karl Lagerfeld dresses up Printemps and Galeries Lafayette gets a dose of shocking pink…

So much gorgeousness, so little time. What’s a chic recessionista to do?

No need to fly off to Paris, when we can bring the best of the Christmas holiday windows to you.

Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld was tapped by Paris retail giant Printemps to create some very magical holiday French chic windows. Lagerfeld concocted a whimsical animated marionette theme with a marionette named, guess what, Coco! Coco the marionette dresses in a Chanel quilted suit and strolls through a garden brimming with mystical flowers and plants. Hannah Macgibbon of Chloe, architects Jakob and Macfarlane, and furniture designer Herve Van Straeten add their special holiday window touch with the theme of earth, air, and fire.


A Valentine’s Day palette of shocking pink and red dominates the lush and lovely Paris holiday windows at Galeries Lafayette with super cute pink animated marching rabbits in red velvet coats. The burst of brilliant holiday color stands alongside their fashion windows which have an ode to Alice in Wonderland them.image_gallery

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