Hair Color Tips to Keep That Youthful Look [3 Videos!]

Three Video Bonanza: The truth about your hair color + how to avoid that dreaded allure buster

It may be fun to be a color chameleon when it comes to your hair but too much of a good thing can lead to damage.
Even worse, when all those color changes weren’t intentional and were the result of too much hair color gone wrong.

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Your hair color is not only important to make you feel confident and give you that extra tzuj in your appearance, but if you are doing:

  • videos
  • appear on tv
  • facebook live
  • your headshots + photos
  • you are a speaker on stage
  • or your face represents your brand on social media (or it should, just saying’)

You NEED your hair to really pop in the most beautiful and natural way.

Even just adding the slightest dimension to your hair color can make a remarkable difference in how your hair catches the light on your face.
I’ve given up highlights which caused a lot of damage and now opt for peroxide-free lowlights on my hair. Luckily, I don’t have very much gray to cover but I do need the color bounce to look, well, just a little more extra.

Watch In Process Hair Color- Part 1:

If you do color your hair to cover a ot of gray and use single-process color it can get very dull and porous looking over time.  So you start out trying to hide one thing and get another less than satisfying result of hair that’s solid and dense with one color. Not only is too much single-process color dull, but it is also extremely aging.

Natural hair has depth- it’s a blend of a variety of color, just as a child’s hair color.

But “faking” that childhood hair luster with lowlights, your hair will look fuller, prettier, and it will practically revitalize your face if done properly. That extra step of adding highlights or lowlights over single process hair will create a much more chic and natural result.

Watch After Hair Color- Part 2:

When you are on stage, taking your photo or creating a video or on TV the added dimension of highlights or lowlights will be intensified and so much more elegant under lights.

Hair color is part of your personal brand and something I work on with private clients and in my programs- even if you don’t have thick, luxurious locks as I sure don’t you still want to create an image that looks on brand and elevated– I can assure you that dull hair that’s in dire need of some hair conditioner and a touch-up, sure will not.

I decided to film these live videos to give you an idea of how the lowlights  process works and use myself as a before/after guinea pig for you.

Watch these live videos that I made for you for more tips and tricks to help you position yourself to authentically stand out in a crowded market.

Let me know where you think you’re showing up in photos and videos and where you would like to be.