Amplify Your Authentic Persona: How Reality TV Shows Can Change How You + Your Business Get Out There Forever! [Live Video]

The internet is your reality TV show

Successful Brand Building… Take a cue from reality shows and be yourself to attract your best audience

Maybe the Kardashians aren’t the only ones getting this right.

Do you know the reason why people get so addicted to reality shows? Have you ever felt this connection yourself?

Without a doubt, what reality shows create are:

• real connections
• unique bonds with the audience

Just by appearing at regular times on TV!

And all of this happens because people crave that palpable authentic connection those people display on TV.

And you know why this happens?

Because they’re not afraid of being on camera- AND BEING THEMSELVES…
(or their on camera aspirational authentic persona).

Watch my Live video: This fear will throttle you if you let it…

I have recently talked with a client of mine, and she told me she really wants to get back into the dating scene. She thinks that going to bars to pick up other people would not be age-appropriate, so she hopes to make it on online dating sites. The problem is, she doesn’t want to hire a professional photographer because she thinks is kind of creepy, and she doesn’t want to feel like her daughter and walk around taking selfies all day.

As you probably guessed, taking the right selfies would be a game changer for her, and she knows it’s holding her back because she’s not doing any of it.

Does it sound familiar?

Do you ever feel like you got to…

• get out there
• take photos, and videos of yourself
• be seen no matter what

And you feel like you’re always missing this chance?

If you are someone who is :

  • very vibrant
  • out-there
  • sassy
  • intelligent
  • a fantastic entrepreneur
  • a businesswoman
  • or just looking for a date

But you have this HUGE FEAR of

  • showing up in photos
  • online videos

THIS FEAR will throttle your success, and it will kill your business too if you can’t get over it!


People relate to real people. They don’t connect to this concocted images that people create in these big branding campaigns.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with you but if

  • YOU  are holding yourself back because you feel like you don’t want to hire someone
  • You  don’t feel it will be the most realistic way of getting your message out there
  • YOU  consider being seen on a dating site is not your thing

I understand you, and here to help you + your business get out there in the most authentic way.

I agree that it is a little creepy to flash through a dating site and see someone who looks like they had an entire glam squad and photography squad following them around.

You know why?

Because you’re not having a relationship with that whole crew that shot the photo.


BUT IF YOU WANT any of these things to happen either in your personal life or your business, YOU NEED TO KNOW how to create that  INTIMACY in a very realistic way without actually spooking anybody out!

Because that’s precisely what people want to see! THEY WANT TO get to know Y-O-U!

So if you’re not getting real with the people you meet online, you are

  • losing that bond
  • unhinging yourself from an  audience that would DO ANYTHING FOR YOU
  • losing THAT  DATE that wants to get to know you without having the veneer of that very, very fake yet beautiful photoshoot.

So from my own experience, when you are doing

  • photos for dating profiles or social media
  • business photos
  • videos

You need to be able to know that when you are doing selfies, they’ll be ELEVATED SELFIES.

So by simple

  • moves
  • gestures
  • changes in the scenery

YOU WILL KNOW HOW to invite people in your life and business!

SO if you want that beautiful fake photo shoot that looks like it came out of the pages of a magazine, cool, do that 20 % of the time, but for that 80% of the time you are connecting with your tribe, YOU NEED TO BE REAL!

And I will tell you HOW TO DO THAT IN A VERY STRATEGIC WAY so you’ll finally have the control of HOW OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU!

Exactly like in a reality show, you will get to bond with your audience without having the fake veneer.


Have a compelling photo that can genuinely represent you or your brand

Have ALL THE TECHNIQUES of what makes an impressive shot

Know how to create the perfect mood in a picture or a video


Directly benefit from my 15 years background as a New York stylist

So don’t let feelings hold you back and let yourself be MODERN and CONTEMPORARY because I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!

From now on you will not feel

  •   awkward
  •   weird on taking photos with your phone or webcam
  •  old-fashioned

Because I will let people get to know you as you are:

  •  a business person
  •  a coach
  • strategist or consultant
  • their date

So you will never miss out anymore on great opportunities or high-level clients.

And until we meet again, don’t forget that  whatever it is that you think is boring, that slice of life that goes unseen, whether you are

  •  grilling in your backyard
  •  talking to people when you are making a coffee in the morning
  • doing your morning routine
  • shopping for new clothes

SHARE THAT PART WITH OTHERS, and watch your tribe grow and connect with who you are!

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