Special Report: Headshot Advice to Position Yourself For Success by Attracting The Your Right Audience With Your Photo- Part Two

Part Two of a two-part headshot series

Humm, betcha don’t want your competitors to attract your prospects.

Here’s headshot advice on the one thing that can give you the unfair advantage… that’s totally unique to you!

Your photo.

A carefree snap or a thought out visual message that speaks volumes BEFORE you get to say a word.

That same photo can be both easy and strategic, as long as it’s authentic.

In Part One of this two-part series, we went deep with these “can’t ignore” stats and research demonstrating how critical the right images are in your marketing, branding and positioning as a leader, expert, or someone worth listening to.

You are the face of your brand

The real job of your headshot is to convey your personality and brand in a single lens capture. Technically your headshot is selling you. It is your calling card on social media. The foundation of the online positioning of your brand.

Think of any major brand you like and you will see that each one of them actually has a carefully chosen and designed icon that’s instantly recognizable.

(If you say that you’re not “major,” well that’s a limiting belief that will hold you back from anyone wanting to hire you.)

As a personal brand that “icon” is also you.  

“You are the face of your brand so it’s critical to be identifiable and positioned to amplify your message.”

As a unique, are one-of-a-kind individual your headshot signals who you are others so:
— Prospects get a sense of you before they know you + decide if they will listen to you or not
— Your know, like and trust factor is consistently reinforced with those who already know you

If your headshot doesn’t give a clear and decisive sense of who you are, what you stand for and your expertise, then it’s not doing its job.

Don’t get me wrong, every shot should not be so stylized and convoluted that it loses all sense of reality. As a matter of fact, people relate to authentic images rather than to ones that are obviously carefully designed.

“While a gorgeous branding shoot that positions the future you or the fantasy you can be very enticing, connection comes when you touch people with your realness.”

Research Reports: Nearly 52 percent of selfies taken are for appearance’s sake.

An amazing headshot :

  • Helps to position yourself as an expert on your field
  • Highly contributes to build powerful personal brands
  • Affects not only how you see yourself but how others see you
  • Helps you make the right first impression on your possible customers/clients
  • Communicates just how good you are at what you do

My team has curated the most extensive report about headshots and selfies because if you’re like me you want to know the truth before you dig in. I can only review so much in a blog post so please download the complete report to learn exactly what you need to know about projecting the right image.

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“A high-quality, authentic photo effectively communicates your brand’s personality, positions you as an expert and connects with your customers.”

  • The exact impact your photo has on your potential customers/employers
  • How your clothes and body language affect other people’s perception of you
  • How to use angles and other elements of photographic composition to make the best possible headshot
  • The basic principles of impression management that will make you irresistible to people who will make business with you

Everything from how recruiters in big companies do with photos when they first see your LinkedIn profile to how your headshot speaks volumes about who you are both as a person and as a professional. Is here. You have the power to start making all the changes that will bring all the success and wealth you deserve.

Read Part One of this two-part headshot series

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How to Look Great In Photos









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