Want to hide your problem areas? Go tonal with one head-to-toe hue

Want to hide your problem areas? Go tonal with one head-to-toe hue

That’s right, wearing separates in matching hues and different silhouettes is not only instantly slimming, but it also shaves loads of time off of thinking about what to wear. And best of all, it also looks instantly chic!

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Take a cue from Max Mara’s three office and play ready options (above) as going for one hue doesn’t mean skimping on style or appropriateness. Trust us, if done right, you won’t look stuffy.

The trick is to avoid sets; skirt suits and pantsuits especially. Sure you can still wear them, but make them look modern by separating them to downplay their matchy-matchiness.

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Just remember that the best way to add depth while keeping everything in balance while going tonal is to keep the eye on one major focal point. Such as a slim midi skirt paired under a voluminous a-line coat in the same shade. This way you’ll avoid looking like a stuffy column while still standing out in a subtle shade and look all the gracefully taller for it. Not to mention slimmer. — Naveed Hussain


What do you think about the matching camel sneakers in the photo above? Hum, not really our thing & something to consider only if you’re a model in a photo. Otherwise, you may end up looking like the dumpmeister! I’d go for a leg lengthening nude heel or boot.

We pulled some cute & chic camel pieces to refresh your wardrobe:


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Photo: Max Mara