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    Salomé calling…

    Hubby & I did a little stroll around the Metroploitan Museum of Art the other night.  The Kid is getting older and he’s not too keen to do every family outing.

    I walked passed Salomé by Henri Regnault (oil on canvas, 1870) and felt like I stumbled upon an old friend.

    You see, once upon a time, before my husband, before my son who lost interest in museum visits, I found a kindred spirit in the gypsy Boho allure of this painting.

    Back in that day, my apartment was rather electric with a Victorian/Gypsy/Textural vibe, kinda like Salomé. I felt a kinship to the old girl and was inspired by the style of the painting that suited me, at the time, just fine. It was never a direct inspiration but the kind of subtle nod that we were on the same page.

    And, that’s what inspiration and style motivation should be.

    Inspiration goes beyond what you see on runways, design magazines, red carpets, or your favorite aunt.

    Style is what you absorb from everything around you and how you subtly incorporate into your life.

    I believe that style subtly penetrates your being from wherever you are. The beauty found in nature. Cityscapes. A little something tucked away on a corner shelf at a flea market. A paragraph in a book. The drapes that flitter in the breeze from across the street. A painting that catapults your imagination. Anywhere your eyes take you. It’s all absorbed.

    Life is your inspiration board.

    Pin it. Use it. Launch from it. Make it your own.

    Tell me, in the comments below, where do you find style inspiration?

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