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  • Holiday Makeup goes for gold as seen at Christian Dior Spring 2014

    Makeup at Dior S/S 2014

    Holiday Makeup goes for gold to help you radiate holiday cheer

    Besides the thoughtfully precise and utterly modern creations making their way down the Spring 2014 Christian Dior runway, the collections beauty routine most certainly caught our eye for party makeup ready for holiday fetes.

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    By covering both the lid and entire eye area with solid gold, and then contrasting it with a swipe of liquid liner in an unexpected and offset hue, the effect was striking to say the least.

    Backstage at Christian Dior

    Backstage at Christian Dior

    Sure, maybe taking gold all the way to the brow isn’t money in the bank, but on a runway, at times anything goes and need we say it, but her brows do look cool don’t they?

    Beauty essentials from Christian Dior

    Beauty essentials from Christian Dior

    With as little as five simple products ranging from a demure lip color to nude powder, you too can make impact on the holiday seasons party circuit.

    Getting prepped at Christian Dior

    Getting prepped at Christian Dior

    To balance off the look, the rest of the face was left dewy and natural while hair was was sleek and wrapped in low top knots for low key glamour.

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    Photos: Christian Dior

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