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  • How to look sexy in a winter dress…

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    Let’s talk about the kind of confident & sexy that takes you from day to night.

    I’ll have what she’s having: How to look sexy in a winter dress you ask? Let actress Lake Bell show you the way…

    In Altuzarra, Lake Bell radiates cool sophistication that’s perfect to take note of for chillier nights out on the town.

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    We all love the ease of a dress but sometimes something that appears so simple can get tricky, but not here.

    Covered up head-to-knee in a modest black draped neck tunic dress with a snug zippered lower panel, Blake looks ready to combat a cooler fall/winter night even sans tights.

    Why it works? The fully covered up black top half lends a modest sensibility with an absence of cleavage to balance off her bare legs. And when you look at the piece’s hybrid construction, the magic here is the combination of a woolen pencil skirt over the elegance of a simple silhouette.

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    Which in all, works to add a slightly body-con tinge that will keep you both warm and radiant. So, what about a do-it-yourself alternative?

    Chloe Fall/Winter 2013

    Chloe Fall/Winter 2013

    Think about taking a basic shift dress that is somewhat fitted, add tights and take a front slit fitted skirt, with similar detailing to distract the eye from your hips and pair away. After all, two layers are always better than one, so pile the pieces on.

    And if you’ve got your zippered skirt out, take a look at Chloe’s winning look (above) for another idea on staying warming by wearing two pieces at once. — Naveed Hussain

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    We pulled some sexy winter dresses that you can wear for almost any occasion from work to a night out…

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    Photos: Altuzarra and Chloe

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