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  • Party On! 7 Holiday Makeup Tips To Get Your Glamour Going



    One of the wonderful things about the Holidays, is a chance to really Glam it up. Whether you want to go subtle and soft or full blown gorgeousness here are seven quick and easy ways to get the look. At Focus on Style we don’t believe in trend, makeup application is something that is learned through trial and error. What you see in the magazines is skillfully applied makeup by top professionals.

    These classic holiday makeup tips will help you get the look without all of the fuss.

    ±1 Make Your Eyes Pop-
    One way to turn up the intensity for a holiday look. Choose a medium shade of pink lipstick and pair it with a color-coordinated slightly darker shade of pink eyeshadow on the upper lid from the iris to the outer corner if you’re feeling carefree brush a little on the lower lid corner to corner it’s guaranteed to make your eyes pop.

    ±2 Sparkle-
    One of my favorite tricks to subtly draw attention to your eyes. Apply a hint of sparkle to the inner corners of your eyes. The key is to use a metallic shade that is close to your complexion. If your skin is fair go for Champagne. If it’s olive go for gold. If you’re dark, bronze is the way to go.

    ±3 Big Lashes-
    One of my favorite looks for the Red Carpet or a Holiday Party is big lashes. For that extra long full look. You must first curl your lashes with a heated curler, than apply two generous coats of lengthening mascara from the root to the tip. If you find that you can’t achieve the look with you own lashes. Don’t be afraid to apply a full band of false lashes to your upper lash line and individual lashes to your waterline.

    ±4 Light Lips-
    Go light on the lips. A shear natural lipgloss in pink, is the perfect complement to a heavy smoky eye. Apply dark metallic shadow from the iris to the outer corner of the lash line sweeping up at the corners. Apply a smoky less defined smudge on the lower lash line.

    ±5 Or, Bold Lips-
    A bold lip in deep wine, this is the most dramatic of the holiday looks. You don’t need much on the eyes. Two coats of mascara from the root to the tip and the parties on!

    ±6 Sultry cat-eyes-
    Use liquid eyeliner and keep it extra thin and close to the lash line. From the inner corners to the iris. Then gradually thicken the line and flick it out just past the outer corners.

    ±7 Red Lips-

    Classic cherry red lipstick, make it fresh by applying a slick gloss coat of tangerine. Blot with a tissue to tone it down a bit if it’s to bright. Pare down your face and eyes with neutral tones, the focus should be on the lips.

    As much of we love the parties, lets not forget the holidays are a celebration of those we love and cherish. Be thoughtful and spread the cheer, give a gift to someone less fortunate. When your heart is open love will find its way in. Beauty comes in every shape and size let your inner beauty shine through.

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Focus on Style!

    Brad Boles, Editor at Large

    Stay Gorgeous this holiday season and always with classic holiday beauty and style tips:


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