My 5 steps for getting through holiday madness with ease

Best Of The Holidays… I thought it would be a good time for a little (life)style motivation.    A time to take ten and nurture ourselves when it seems like there isn’t a slot left on the calendar to even think about it.

The end of the year is usually a jam-packed time around here, as it is, I am sure for most of you.

Sometimes, I feel like one of my fancy dressed lady ornaments hanging on my tree. The ones right next to the kooky creatures, western wildlife and bejeweled poodles.

You see, we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, my son’s birthday falls in this month, as well as our wedding anniversary, and we leave NYC for our vacation home in Jackson Hole, WY. It’s a never-ending list of getting things done without going mad.

Everything gets über organized to stay on track. But…

This year, there was an unexpected tech meltdown in the shimmery shizzle that required focused triage to get back in step. It’s a funny how other people’s drama can take over your life.

If you let it.

So don’t let it.

1tree 14 2

I’m not going to say it’s easy. Or that there weren’t even a few all-nighters to catch up. Or even a lousy case of laryngitis as an extra layer to my flu.   Or, that I haven’t even contacted guests yet for my holiday get together… this weekend… egads!

Really, you should know me enough by now to know that I’m not one of those online dames who paint a perfect and fake portrait of their imaginary lives online for you to get jealous of and want to be “just like” them.

I’m real. And in real life, stuff happens.  

Pulling yourself together– when you need to– is much the same for your style as it is for your lifestyle.

When it comes to getting through holiday madness or any hectic time, here’s how I find calm in the face of confusion…

1. Abide by the rule that it’s all going to work out.

It really will.

Perhaps, not exactly in the same way that you originally thought it would work out. But it will. Work out.

2. Be flexible to adapt to whatever is thrown at you.

There’s no sense in being rigid and unyielding to anything, except…

3. A deadline. It matters, really it does.

Maybe it’s all those years working in print, on photo sets, or simply being a grown-up but deadlines matter. Particularly, if you are a hired hand (do I need a megaphone?). One person being lackadaisical can domino everything on the line.

4. Take a deep breath and sleep on it.

Take a shower. Walk around the block. Do some de-stressing. Anything that clears your head so you can see the forest from the trees.

5. Know when to say no.

Saying no to excess is saying yes to white space… and that’s exactly what you need to forge ahead, in style.

So, tell me, what to of to to keep the ease this season and always?

Do note that this year’s tree is quite spectacular in girth and height… I’m hoping a little down time out West will give me the chance to learn how to use my new camerarather than iPhone photos.

What to wear? How to do it?  Check out my free Holiday Style Guide!

Holiday Style Guide: We curated our favorite timeless & best Holiday Style Tips for you to access all in one place!
Holiday Style Guide: We curated our favorite timeless & best Holiday Style Tips for you to access all in one place!

As of this writing, my C’est Chic Crash Course is open for Early Enrollment. Start the year off with the ease of confidently knowing how to pull yourslef together in your own personal chic style… when you need to turn it, of course!


mr poodle and the tree

I couldn’t resist sharing this. After a 12-hour straight day working at the computer, look at this sweet face waiting for me as soon as I was able to finally break away.

Bonus 6. Take the time to nourish yourself with pets, family, and good friends.

No matter what their love and support will always be there for you, even when you think they’re not paying attention.

Original Publish Date:  Dec 18, 2014