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  • Holiday greetings speak your mind

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    Truth, choice, compassion, action

    holiday cards greeting words message political action

    Fuzzy wuzzy holiday cheer sometimes isn’t enough.

    Celebrate the uniqueness of individuality, choice, truth, and compassion in all your holiday greetings.

    The newly launched, Words Language World holiday cards 2005 are on-message for how you feel as an American in a time of one-sided values.

    Don’t feel obligated to settle for false optimism when there is so much more at stake. The power is in the word.

    Words Language World thought provoking sayings include:

    *Hope won’t make it happen
    *Give yourself
    *‘Tis the Season for Action
    *Peace on earth doesn’t just happen

    It takes allof mankind to bring joy to the world.


    –November 25, 2005

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